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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that
// can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "tests/shared/common/client_switches.h"
namespace client {
namespace switches {
// CEF and Chromium support a wide range of command-line switches. This file
// only contains command-line switches specific to the cefclient application.
// View CEF/Chromium documentation or search for * files in the
// Chromium source code to identify other existing command-line switches.
// Below is a partial listing of relevant * files:
// base/
// cef/libcef/common/
// chrome/common/ (not all apply)
// content/public/common/
const char kMultiThreadedMessageLoop[] = "multi-threaded-message-loop";
const char kExternalMessagePump[] = "external-message-pump";
const char kCachePath[] = "cache-path";
const char kUrl[] = "url";
const char kOffScreenRenderingEnabled[] = "off-screen-rendering-enabled";
const char kOffScreenFrameRate[] = "off-screen-frame-rate";
const char kTransparentPaintingEnabled[] = "transparent-painting-enabled";
const char kShowUpdateRect[] = "show-update-rect";
const char kSharedTextureEnabled[] = "shared-texture-enabled";
const char kExternalBeginFrameEnabled[] = "external-begin-frame-enabled";
const char kMouseCursorChangeDisabled[] = "mouse-cursor-change-disabled";
const char kOffline[] = "offline";
const char kRequestContextPerBrowser[] = "request-context-per-browser";
const char kRequestContextSharedCache[] = "request-context-shared-cache";
const char kBackgroundColor[] = "background-color";
const char kEnableGPU[] = "enable-gpu";
const char kFilterURL[] = "filter-url";
const char kUseViews[] = "use-views";
const char kHideFrame[] = "hide-frame";
const char kHideControls[] = "hide-controls";
const char kAlwaysOnTop[] = "always-on-top";
const char kHideTopMenu[] = "hide-top-menu";
const char kWidevineCdmPath[] = "widevine-cdm-path";
const char kSslClientCertificate[] = "ssl-client-certificate";
const char kCRLSetsPath[] = "crl-sets-path";
const char kLoadExtension[] = "load-extension";
const char kNoActivate[] = "no-activate";
} // namespace switches
} // namespace client