Compiling C/C++ code

The present document compiles a list of guidelines, recommendations, and expectations around the topic of compiling C and C++ code against the Core SDK.


The Fuchsia sysroot for a given target architecture is available under //arch/<architecture>/sysroot. That directory contains a complete sysroot and may be used with any tool that accepts a --sysroot flag.


All prebuilts have C linkage.

Debug symbols

Debug symbols for all prebuilts are available under //.build-id, which follows a standard convention.

Compilation parameters

  • C++ sources are compatible with both C++14 and C++17.

Warning flags

The following flags are guaranteed to not generate any warning:

  • -Wall
  • -Wextra-semi
  • -Wnewline-eof
  • -Wshadow

The following flags may generate warnings:

  • -Wdeprecated-declarations