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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.camera3;
const uint32 MAX_IDENTIFIER_LENGTH = 256;
const uint32 MAX_RESOLUTIONS_PER_STREAM = 1024;
/// A Device represents a unique physical camera present in the system. Only one client may connect
/// to an unbound physical camera, however the "Rebind" method can be used to create multiple
/// connections to it to be used by a coordinated set of clients.
protocol Device {
/// Returns an identifier for the camera. If present, identical devices on different systems
/// will have the same identifier. Clients may use this to determine if additional semantics
/// known a priori for a given device apply to the current camera.
// TODO(fxb/43247): unify device identification
// go/unified-device-discovery will eliminate the need for this protocol
GetIdentifier() -> (string:MAX_IDENTIFIER_LENGTH? identifier);
/// Returns a list of configurations supported by the camera. All cameras will have at least
/// one configuration. The values returned are immutable - they will not change for the
/// lifetime of the client's connection to the Camera.
GetConfigurations() -> (vector<Configuration>:MAX_CONFIGURATIONS_PER_CAMERA configurations);
/// Returns the index of the current configuration when it has changed from a previously
/// returned configuration, or is called by a client for the first time.
WatchCurrentConfiguration() -> (uint32 index);
/// Sets the configuration using the provided index. Calling this method disconnects any
/// existing Stream clients associated with this camera.
SetCurrentConfiguration(uint32 index);
/// Returns the camera's current mute state when it has changed from a previously returned
/// state, or is called by a client for the first time. A camera may be muted using
/// SetSoftwareMuteState or by a physical switch. If either muted mode is active, stream
/// clients associated with this physical camera will stop receiving new frames.
WatchMuteState() -> (bool software_muted, bool hardware_muted);
/// Sets the current camera's software mute state. When transitioning to the muted state, this
/// method returns when the camera has successfully ceased sending new frames to stream
/// clients. When transitioning to the unmuted state, this method returns immediately.
SetSoftwareMuteState(bool muted) -> ();
/// Connects to the Stream at the provided index. If any clients already exist for this stream,
/// the request is closed with the ZX_ERR_ALREADY_BOUND epitaph.
ConnectToStream(uint32 index, request<Stream> request);
/// Request another connection to this Device. This allows a client to delegate different
/// operations to different coordinated clients.
Rebind(request<Device> request);
/// Describes a distinct configuration for the camera.
struct Configuration {
/// Descriptions of streams that are concurrently available in the configuration.
vector<StreamProperties>:MAX_STREAMS_PER_CONFIGURATION streams;