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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using fuchsia.mem;
// Common initialization data formats. These are defined as strings rather than
// enums so as to not limit the types a ContentDecryptionModule may support.
const LicenseInitDataType LICENSE_INIT_DATA_TYPE_CENC = "cenc";
const LicenseInitDataType LICENSE_INIT_DATA_TYPE_KEYIDS = "keyids";
const LicenseInitDataType LICENSE_INIT_DATA_TYPE_WEBM = "webm";
const LicenseInitDataType LICENSE_INIT_DATA_TYPE_HLS = "hls";
enum LicenseSessionType {
/// A session for which the license, keys, and record of the session are not
/// persisted.
/// A session for which the license, keys, and record of the session will be
/// persisted for offline use and can subsequently be loaded using
/// LoadSession().
/// A session for which the the record of the session will be persisted, but
/// the keys and license will not be.
enum LicenseMessageType {
struct LicenseInitData {
/// The type is a string that indicates the format of the accompanying init
/// data. Common types include "cenc", "keyids", "webm", and "hls". CDMs may
/// also define their own.
LicenseInitDataType type;
bytes data;
/// A message originating from the [`LicenseSession`] that the caller must route
/// to the license server.
struct LicenseMessage {
LicenseMessageType type;
fuchsia.mem.Buffer message;
/// A message originating from the license server that the caller must provide
/// to the [`LicenseSession`] via `ProcessLicenseServerMessage`.
struct LicenseServerMessage {
fuchsia.mem.Buffer message;
enum KeyStatus {
/// The key is currently usable for decryption.
/// The Key is no longer usable for decryption because it has expired.
/// The Key is no longer usable for decryption, but is still known to the
/// CDM.
/// The Key has output restrictions that cannot currently be met and may be
/// unusable for decryption.
/// The Key has output restrictions that cannot currently be met. The Key
/// may be usable for decryption with lower quality content.
/// The Key is not yet known or usable for decryption.
/// The Key is not usable for decryption because of an internal error.
table KeyState {
1: key_id;
2: KeyStatus status;
/// A protocol for exchanging messages pertaining to the establishment of a
/// media license and the encryption keys associated with it.
/// If the client closes the `LicenseSession`, any derived Decryptors will also
/// be closed as the encryption keys will no longer be maintained.
protocol LicenseSession {
/// Indicates that the [`LicenseSession`] has successfully initialized.
/// This is always the first message sent by the `LicenseSession`.
-> OnReady();
/// Generates a license request for a session based on the `init_data`.
/// When the [`LicenseMessage`] has been created, the
/// `OnLicenseMessageGenerated` event will be triggered with the message to
/// be sent to the license server.
/// + request `init_data` container-specific data that is used to generate a
/// [`LicenseMessageType.REQUEST`] `LicenseMessage`.
/// * error an [`Error`] indicating the reason for failure.
GenerateLicenseRequest(LicenseInitData init_data) -> () error Error;
/// Inititiates the release process for the license session.
/// This will cause the [`LicenseSession`] to generate a [`LicenseMessage`]
/// through the `OnLicenseMessageGenerated` event. The client must route
/// that message to the license server and the server's response to
/// `ProcessLicenseServerMessage`. Once the `LicenseSession` has received
/// the license server's reply, it will close the `LicenseSession` channel
/// as this session will no longer be usable.
/// Updates the [`LicenseSession`] with a message from the license server.
/// All responses from license requests, renewals, and releases should be
/// routed to the `LicenseSession` through this method.
/// + request `response` a message from the license server to update the
/// state of the `LicenseSession`.
/// * error an [`Error`] indicating the reason for failure.
ProcessLicenseResponse(LicenseServerMessage response) -> () error Error;
/// Creates a Decryptor [``] to be used to
/// decrypt content.
/// This `decryptor` would be restricted to only having access to the
/// keys maintained by this [`LicenseSession`].
/// + request `params` the parameters with which to create the `decryptor`.
/// + request `decryptor` the server endpoint of the
/// ``.
CreateDecryptor(DecryptorParams params,
request<> decryptor);
/// Provides a [`LicenseMessage`] that should be sent to the license server.
/// The client is responsible for transporting this message to the license
/// server.
/// - response `request` a message from the `LicenseSession` that the client
/// should send to the license server.
-> OnLicenseMessageGenerated(LicenseMessage request);
/// Provides updated key state information.
/// Some examples on when this might occur would be on license creation,
/// expiration, renewal, or load of a persistent license session.
/// - response `key_states` a list of the key_ids and their related
/// [`KeyStatusCode`]s
-> OnKeyStatesChanged(vector<KeyState>:MAX key_states);