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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.wlan.policy;
using fuchsia.wlan.common;
/// The AccessPointProvider API provides a mechanism for access point
/// control and is intended to be called by applications or entities representing
/// the user (ex, Settings). This API is not intended to be called by other
/// applications to change wlan state without explicit user control.
/// The second aim of this API design is to eliminate the "last-caller wins"
/// paradigm by limiting the number of controlling applications. A single caller
/// at a time is permitted to make API calls that impact wlan state.
protocol AccessPointProvider {
/// Control channel used by a single caller to trigger wlan access point (ap) mode
/// state changes. The caller also provides a channel to receive wlan ap updates.
/// Only one caller can have the control channel open at a time. Attempts to
/// register as a controller while there is an active control registration
/// will result in the new caller's provided channel being closed.
GetController(request<AccessPointController> requests, AccessPointStateUpdates updates);
/// The AccessPointListener API provides a mechanism for callers to receive state change
/// updates about wlan access point operation.
protocol AccessPointListener {
/// Registration for callers to receive wlan access point (ap) mode state updates.
GetListener(AccessPointStateUpdates updates);
/// AccessPointControllers allow the caller to trigger wlan state changes. This
/// includes whether the device will act as an access point and provide a wlan
/// network for other co-located devices.
protocol AccessPointController {
/// Enables wlan to initiate AccessPoint operation using the provided network
/// configuration, connectivity mode and band.
StartAccessPoint(NetworkConfig config, ConnectivityMode mode, OperatingBand band)
-> (fuchsia.wlan.common.RequestStatus status);
/// Deactivate AccessPoint operation for a specified network configuration.
StopAccessPoint(NetworkConfig config) -> (fuchsia.wlan.common.RequestStatus status);
/// Deactivates all AccessPoints currently operating on the device.
/// AccessPoint operation status changes along with associated connection status.
protocol AccessPointStateUpdates {
/// Updates registered listeners with the current summary of wlan access point
/// operating states. This will be called when there are changes with active
/// access point networks - both the number of access points and their
/// individual activity. Registered listeners are responsible for deciding
/// what information has changed (this is dependent on when they last
/// acknowledged the update).
// NOLINTNEXTLINE vector-bounds-not-specified
OnAccessPointStateUpdate(vector<AccessPointState> access_points) -> ();
/// Information about the individual operating access points. This includes limited
/// information about any connected clients.
table AccessPointState {
/// Current access point operating state
1: OperatingState state;
/// Requested operating connectivity mode
2: ConnectivityMode mode;
/// Access point operating band.
3: OperatingBand band;
/// Access point operating frequency (in MHz).
4: uint32 frequency;
/// Information about connected clients
5: ConnectedClientInformation clients;
/// Connectivity operating mode for the access point.
enum ConnectivityMode {
/// Allows for connectivity between co-located devices. Local only access points do not
/// forward traffic to other network connections.
/// Allows for full connectivity with traffic potentially being forwarded
/// to other network connections (ex., tethering mode).
/// Current detailed operating state for an access point.
enum OperatingState {
/// Access point operation failed. Access points that enter the failed state will
/// have one update informing registered listeners of the failure and then an
/// additional update with the access point removed from the list.
/// Access point operation is starting up.
/// Access point operation is active.
/// Connected client information. This is initially limited to the number of
/// connected clients.
table ConnectedClientInformation {
/// Number of connected clients
1: uint8 count;