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GLFW 3.3 for Go Build Status GoDoc


  • GLFW C library source is included and built automatically as part of the Go package. But you need to make sure you have dependencies of GLFW:
    • On macOS, you need Xcode or Command Line Tools for Xcode (xcode-select --install) for required headers and libraries.
    • On Ubuntu/Debian-like Linux distributions, you need libgl1-mesa-dev and xorg-dev packages.
    • On CentOS/Fedora-like Linux distributions, you need libX11-devel libXcursor-devel libXrandr-devel libXinerama-devel mesa-libGL-devel libXi-devel packages.
    • See here for full details.
  • Go 1.4+ is required on Windows (otherwise you must use MinGW v4.8.1 exactly, see Go issue 8811).
go get -u


If your target system only provides an OpenGL ES implementation (true for some ARM boards), you need to link against that implementation. You do this by defining the appropriate build tags, e.g.

go get -u -tags=gles2

Supported tags are gles1, gles2, gles3 and vulkan. Note that required packages might differ from those listed above; consult your hardware's documentation.


package main

import (

func init() {
	// This is needed to arrange that main() runs on main thread.
	// See documentation for functions that are only allowed to be called from the main thread.

func main() {
	err := glfw.Init()
	if err != nil {
	defer glfw.Terminate()

	window, err := glfw.CreateWindow(640, 480, "Testing", nil, nil)
	if err != nil {


	for !window.ShouldClose() {
		// Do OpenGL stuff.


GLFW 3.3 Specific Changes

  • Joystick functions now uses receivers instead of passing the joystick ID as argument.
  • Vulkan methods are intentionally not implemented. Window.Handle can be used to create a Vulkan surface via the this package.
  • Renamed Window.GLFWWindow to Window.Handle
  • Added function Window.SetAttrib.
  • Added function Window.RequestAttention.
  • Added function Window.GetContentScale.
  • Added function Window.GetOpacity.
  • Added function Window.SetOpacity.
  • Added function Window.SetMaximizeCallback.
  • Added function Window.SetContentScaleCallback.
  • Added function Monitor.GetWorkarea.
  • Added function Monitor.GetContentScale.
  • Added function Monitor.SetUserPointer.
  • Added function Monitor.GetUserPointer.
  • Added function InitHint.
  • Added function RawMouseMotionSupported
  • Added function GetKeyScancode.
  • Added function WindowHintString.
  • Added function GetClipboardString.
  • Added function SetClipboardString.
  • Added function Joystick.GetHats.
  • Added function Joystick.IsGamepad.
  • Added function Joystick.GetGUID.
  • Added function Joystick.GetGamepadName.
  • Added function Joystick.GetGamepadState.
  • Added function Joystick.SetUserPointer.
  • Added function Joystick.GetUserPointer.
  • Added function UpdateGamepadMappings.
  • Added function SetX11SelectionString.
  • Added function GetX11SelectionString.
  • Added gamepad button IDs.
  • Added gamepad axis IDs.
  • Added joystick hat state IDs.
  • Added ModifierKey ModCapsLock.
  • Added ModifierKey ModNumLock
  • Added InputMode LockKeyMods.
  • Added InputMode RawMouseMotion.
  • Added hint Hovered.
  • Added hint CenterCursor.
  • Added hint TransparentFramebuffer.
  • Added hint FocusOnShow.
  • Added hint ScaleToMonitor.
  • Added hint JoystickHatButtons.
  • Added hint CocoaChdirResources.
  • Added hint CocoaMenubar.
  • Added hint TransparentFramebuffer.
  • Added hint value OSMesaContextAPI.
  • Added hint value CocoaGraphicsSwitching.
  • Added hint value CocoaRetinaFramebuffer.
  • Added string hint value CocoaFrameNAME.
  • Added string hint value X11ClassName.
  • Added string hint value X11InstanceName.
  • MonitorEvent renamed to PeripheralEvent for reuse with joystick events.
  • Joystick.GetButtons Returns []Action instead of []byte.
  • SetMonitorCallback Returns MonitorCallback.
  • Focus No longer returns an error.
  • Iconify No longer returns an error.
  • Maximize No longer returns an error.
  • Restore No longer returns an error.
  • GetClipboardString No longer returns an error.

GLFW 3.2 Specfic Changes

  • Easy go get installation. GLFW source code is now included in-repo and compiled in so you don't have to build GLFW on your own and distribute shared libraries. The revision of GLFW C library used is listed in GLFW_C_REVISION.txt file.
  • The error callback is now set internally. Functions return an error with corresponding code and description (do a type assertion to glfw3.Error for accessing the variables) if the error is recoverable. If not a panic will occur.
  • Added function Window.SetSizeLimits.
  • Added function Window.SetAspectRatio.
  • Added function Window.SetMonitor.
  • Added function Window.Maximize.
  • Added function Window.SetIcon.
  • Added function Window.Focus.
  • Added function GetKeyName.
  • Added function VulkanSupported.
  • Added function GetTimerValue.
  • Added function GetTimerFrequency.
  • Added function WaitEventsTimeout.
  • Added function SetJoystickCallback.
  • Added window hint Maximized.
  • Added hint NoAPI.
  • Added hint NativeContextAPI.
  • Added hint EGLContextAPI.

GLFW 3.1 Specfic Changes

  • Added type Cursor.
  • Added function Window.SetDropCallback.
  • Added function Window.SetCharModsCallback.
  • Added function PostEmptyEvent.
  • Added function CreateCursor.
  • Added function CreateStandardCursor.
  • Added function Cursor.Destroy.
  • Added function Window.SetCursor.
  • Added function Window.GetFrameSize.
  • Added window hint Floating.
  • Added window hint AutoIconify.
  • Added window hint ContextReleaseBehavior.
  • Added window hint DoubleBuffer.
  • Added hint value AnyReleaseBehavior.
  • Added hint value ReleaseBehaviorFlush.
  • Added hint value ReleaseBehaviorNone.
  • Added hint value DontCare.

API changes

  • Window.Iconify Returns an error.
  • Window.Restore Returns an error.
  • Init Returns an error instead of bool.
  • GetJoystickAxes No longer returns an error.
  • GetJoystickButtons No longer returns an error.
  • GetJoystickName No longer returns an error.
  • GetMonitors No longer returns an error.
  • GetPrimaryMonitor No longer returns an error.
  • Monitor.GetGammaRamp No longer returns an error.
  • Monitor.GetVideoMode No longer returns an error.
  • Monitor.GetVideoModes No longer returns an error.
  • GetCurrentContext No longer returns an error.
  • Window.SetCharCallback Accepts rune instead of uint.
  • Added type Error.
  • Removed SetErrorCallback.
  • Removed error code NotInitialized.
  • Removed error code NoCurrentContext.
  • Removed error code InvalidEnum.
  • Removed error code InvalidValue.
  • Removed error code OutOfMemory.
  • Removed error code PlatformError.
  • Removed KeyBracket.
  • Renamed Window.SetCharacterCallback to Window.SetCharCallback.
  • Renamed Window.GetCursorPosition to GetCursorPos.
  • Renamed Window.SetCursorPosition to SetCursorPos.
  • Renamed CursorPositionCallback to CursorPosCallback.
  • Renamed Window.SetCursorPositionCallback to SetCursorPosCallback.
  • Renamed VideoMode to VidMode.
  • Renamed Monitor.GetPosition to Monitor.GetPos.
  • Renamed Window.GetPosition to Window.GetPos.
  • Renamed Window.SetPosition to Window.SetPos.
  • Renamed Window.GetAttribute to Window.GetAttrib.
  • Renamed Window.SetPositionCallback to Window.SetPosCallback.
  • Renamed PositionCallback to PosCallback.
  • Ranamed Cursor to CursorMode.
  • Renamed StickyKeys to StickyKeysMode.
  • Renamed StickyMouseButtons to StickyMouseButtonsMode.
  • Renamed ApiUnavailable to APIUnavailable.
  • Renamed ClientApi to ClientAPI.
  • Renamed OpenglForwardCompatible to OpenGLForwardCompatible.
  • Renamed OpenglDebugContext to OpenGLDebugContext.
  • Renamed OpenglProfile to OpenGLProfile.
  • Renamed SrgbCapable to SRGBCapable.
  • Renamed OpenglApi to OpenGLAPI.
  • Renamed OpenglEsApi to OpenGLESAPI.
  • Renamed OpenglAnyProfile to OpenGLAnyProfile.
  • Renamed OpenglCoreProfile to OpenGLCoreProfile.
  • Renamed OpenglCompatProfile to OpenGLCompatProfile.
  • Renamed KeyKp... to KeyKP....