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Eclipse Implementation of JAXB

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Jakarta XML Binding gives Java developers an efficient and standard way of mapping between XML and Java code. Java developers using Jakarta XML Binding are more productive because they can write less code themselves and do not have to be experts in XML. Jakarta XML Binding makes it easier for developers to extend their applications with XML and Web Services technologies.

Eclipse Implementation of JAXB enables developers to perform the following operations:

  • Unmarshal XML content into a Java representation
  • Access and update the Java representation
  • Marshal the Java representation of the XML content into XML content

This project is part of Eclipse Implementation of JAXB


Eclipse Implementation of JAXB is licensed under a license - EDL 1.0.


We use contribution policy, which means we can only accept contributions under the terms of Eclipse Contributor Agreement.


Other projects in this repository:


Codemodel is an independent library for java code generation, which can be released separately. Besides here it is used in istack-commons-project, which in turn is a dependency of JAXB


XML Schema Object Model (XSOM) is a Java library that allows applications to easily parse XML Schema documents and inspect information in them. It can be released separately to satisfy a dependency of jaxb-fi, which in turn is optional dependency of JAXB


RNGOM and relaxng-datatype under jaxb-ri/external are tools for working with RelaxNG. Both can be released separately to break circular dependency between several jaxb-ri sub-projects including jaxb-ri/xsom above.