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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#ifndef _INC_RTCAPI
#define _INC_RTCAPI
#include <crtdefs.h>
#pragma pack(push,_CRT_PACKING)
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef enum _RTC_ErrorNumber {
} _RTC_ErrorNumber;
#define _RTC_ERRTYPE_ASK -2
typedef unsigned short wchar_t;
typedef int (__cdecl *_RTC_error_fn)(int,const char *,int,const char *,const char *,...);
typedef int (__cdecl *_RTC_error_fnW)(int,const wchar_t *,int,const wchar_t *,const wchar_t *,...);
int __cdecl _RTC_NumErrors(void);
const char *__cdecl _RTC_GetErrDesc(_RTC_ErrorNumber _Errnum);
int __cdecl _RTC_SetErrorType(_RTC_ErrorNumber _Errnum,int _ErrType);
_RTC_error_fn __cdecl _RTC_SetErrorFunc(_RTC_error_fn);
_RTC_error_fnW __cdecl _RTC_SetErrorFuncW(_RTC_error_fnW);
void __cdecl _RTC_Initialize(void);
void __cdecl _RTC_Terminate(void);
_RTC_error_fn __cdecl _CRT_RTC_INIT(void *_Res0,void **_Res1,int _Res2,int _Res3,int _Res4);
_RTC_error_fnW __cdecl _CRT_RTC_INITW(void *_Res0,void **_Res1,int _Res2,int _Res3,int _Res4);
typedef struct _RTC_vardesc {
int addr;
int size;
char *name;
} _RTC_vardesc;
typedef struct _RTC_framedesc {
int varCount;
_RTC_vardesc *variables;
} _RTC_framedesc;
#pragma pack(push,1)
typedef struct _RTC_ALLOCA_NODE {
__int32 guard1;
struct _RTC_ALLOCA_NODE *next;
#if (defined(_X86_) && !defined(__x86_64))
__int32 dummypad;
size_t allocaSize;
#if (defined(_X86_) && !defined(__x86_64))
__int32 dummypad2;
__int32 guard2[3];
#pragma pack(pop)
char __fastcall _RTC_Check_2_to_1(short _Src);
char __fastcall _RTC_Check_4_to_1(int _Src);
char __fastcall _RTC_Check_8_to_1(__int64 _Src);
short __fastcall _RTC_Check_4_to_2(int _Src);
short __fastcall _RTC_Check_8_to_2(__int64 _Src);
int __fastcall _RTC_Check_8_to_4(__int64 _Src);
#if (defined(_X86_) && !defined(__x86_64))
void __cdecl _RTC_CheckEsp();
void __fastcall _RTC_CheckStackVars(void *_Esp,_RTC_framedesc *_Fd);
void __fastcall _RTC_CheckStackVars2(void *_Esp,_RTC_framedesc *_Fd,_RTC_ALLOCA_NODE *_AllocaList);
void __fastcall _RTC_AllocaHelper(_RTC_ALLOCA_NODE *_PAllocaBase,size_t _CbSize,_RTC_ALLOCA_NODE **_PAllocaInfoList);
void __cdecl _RTC_UninitUse(const char *_Varname);
void __cdecl _RTC_Shutdown(void);
void __cdecl _RTC_InitBase(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus
void *_ReturnAddress();
#pragma pack(pop)