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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#ifndef __WINSTRING_H__
#define __WINSTRING_H__
#include <windows.h>
#include <sdkddkver.h>
#include <rpc.h>
#include <hstring.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
void __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserFree(unsigned long *pFlags, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned char* __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserMarshal(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned char *pBuffer, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned long __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserSize(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned long StartingSize, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned char* __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserUnmarshal(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned char *pBuffer, HSTRING *ppidl);
#ifdef _WIN64
void __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserFree64(unsigned long *pFlags, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned char* __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserMarshal64(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned char *pBuffer, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned long __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserSize64(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned long StartingSize, HSTRING *ppidl);
unsigned char* __RPC_USER HSTRING_UserUnmarshal64(unsigned long *pFlags, unsigned char *pBuffer, HSTRING *ppidl);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsCompareStringOrdinal(HSTRING string1, HSTRING string2, INT32 *result);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsConcatString(HSTRING string1, HSTRING string2, HSTRING *newString);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsCreateString(LPCWSTR sourceString, UINT32 length, HSTRING *string);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsCreateStringReference(PCWSTR sourceString, UINT32 length, HSTRING_HEADER *hstringHeader, HSTRING *string);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsDeleteString(HSTRING string);
HRESULT WindowsDeleteStringBuffer(HSTRING_BUFFER bufferHandle);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsDuplicateString(HSTRING string, HSTRING *newString);
UINT32 WINAPI WindowsGetStringLen(HSTRING string);
PCWSTR WINAPI WindowsGetStringRawBuffer(HSTRING string, UINT32 *length);
typedef HRESULT (WINAPI *PINSPECT_HSTRING_CALLBACK)(void *context, UINT_PTR readAddress, UINT32 length, BYTE *buffer);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsInspectString(UINT_PTR targetHString, USHORT machine, PINSPECT_HSTRING_CALLBACK callback, void *context, UINT32 *length, UINT_PTR *targetStringAddress);
BOOL WINAPI WindowsIsStringEmpty(HSTRING string);
HRESULT WindowsPreallocateStringBuffer(UINT32 length, WCHAR **mutableBuffer, HSTRING_BUFFER *bufferHandle);
HRESULT WindowsPromoteStringBuffer(HSTRING_BUFFER bufferHandle, HSTRING *string);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsReplaceString(HSTRING string, HSTRING stringReplaced, HSTRING stringReplaceWith, HSTRING *newString);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsStringHasEmbeddedNull(HSTRING string, BOOL *hasEmbedNull);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsSubstring(HSTRING string, UINT32 startIndex, HSTRING *newString);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsSubstringWithSpecifiedLength(HSTRING string, UINT32 startIndex, UINT32 length, HSTRING *newString);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsTrimStringEnd(HSTRING string, HSTRING trimString, HSTRING *newString);
HRESULT WINAPI WindowsTrimStringStart(HSTRING string, HSTRING trimString, HSTRING *newString);
#ifdef __cplusplus