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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#include <windows.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <msvcrt.h>
static void __cdecl init_func(_locale_t locale);
void (__cdecl *__MINGW_IMP_SYMBOL(_free_locale))(_locale_t) = init_func;
static void __cdecl stub_func(_locale_t locale)
static void __cdecl init_func(_locale_t locale)
HMODULE msvcrt = __mingw_get_msvcrt_handle();
void (__cdecl *func)(_locale_t) = NULL;
if (msvcrt)
func = (void*)GetProcAddress(msvcrt, "_free_locale");
if (!func)
func = stub_func;
(__MINGW_IMP_SYMBOL(_free_locale) = func)(locale);