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These headers are reviewed as to find open documentation available in the internet,
without referencing existing properitery header-set of VC in the internet.
For API's see in general references on, google, and of course the
microsoft's msdn2 references free available. Additionally this header set tries to provide
most header names and there content as defined by microsoft to keep most compatible
as far as it is possible for posix compatible source for gcc 4.3 and later.
This file list the names of the header files released in this package and give you
internet links (via http://) as reference, why and how they are defined.
Common references used to build up this header set:
- See and related links.
- See knowledge base articles and related links.
- See
- See
- See
- See articles.
- See MS Data Access Components 2.1 SP1, up to SP3
- MSVC 2005 for include file names reference.
- See
- See MS Data Access Components 2.1 SP1, up to SP3
- For COM additionally see tlb definitions provided by MS in windows distribution and found on net.
- See
- See
- See
- See
- Various hints found via
File List
accctrl.h aclapi.h aclui.h adtgen.h authz.h activeds.h activscp.h adc.h adoctint.h adodef.h adogpool.h
adoguids.h adoid.h adoint.h adojet.h adomd.h cmdtree.h icrsint.h jetoledb.h msado15.h msdadc.h msdaguid.h
msdaora.h msdaosp.h msdasc.h msdasql.h msdatsrc.h msdshape.h msjetoledb.h msremote.h ocdb.h odbcinst.h oledb.h
oledbdep.h oledberr.h persist.h simpdata.h sql.h sqlext.h sqloledb.h sqltypes.h sqlucode.h adptif.h adsdb.h
adserr.h adshlp.h adserr.h adshlp.h adsiid.h adsnms.h adsprop.h adssts.h agtctl.h agtctl_i.c agterr.h agtsvr.h
agtsvr_i.c aqadmtyp.h asptlb.h authif.h azroles.h bidispl.h bits.h bits1_5.h bits2_0.h bitscfg.h bitsmsg.h daogetrw.h
datapath.h dbdaoerr.hdbdaoid.h dbdaoint.h admex.h advpub.h af_irda.h atalkwsh.h cfg.h appmgmt.h basetsd.h
basetyps.h batclass.h bh.h blberr.h callobj.h cchannel.h cderr.h cdoex.h cdoex_i.c cdoexerr.h cdoexm.h cdoexm_i.c
cdoexstr.h cdonts.h cdosys.h cdosys_i.c cdosyserr.h cdosysstr.h certadm.h certbase.h certbcli.h certcli.h certenc.h
certexit.h certif.h certmod.h certpol.h certreqd.h certsrv.h certview.h celib.h assert.h cguid.h correg.h color.dlg
colordlg.h chanmgr.h cierror.h cluadmex.h clusapi.h cluscfgguids.h cluscfgserver.h cluscfgwizard.h cmnquery.h comadmin.h
comcat.h comdef.h comdefsp. hcomip.h commctrl.h commctrl.rh commdlg.h common.ver commoncontrols.h compobj.h comsvcs.h
comutil.h confpriv.h control.h cryptuiapi.h ctxtcall.h custcntl.h complex.h dbgautoattach.h dbgeng.h dbghelp.h
dbgprop.h _mingw.h aclapi.h aclui.h adc.h admex.h adoctint.h adodef.h adogpool.h adoguids.h adoid.h adoint.h
adojet.h adomd.h adptif.h adsdb.h adserr.h adshlp.h adsiid.h adsnms.h adsprop.h adssts.h adtgen.h advpub.h af_irda.h
agtctl.h agtctl_i.c agterr.h agtsvr.h agtsvr_i.c ammintrin.h appmgmt.h aqadmtyp.h asptlb.h atalkwsh.h authif.h
authz.h azroles.h bidispl.h bits.h bits1_5.h bits2_0.h bitscfg.h bitsmsg.h cfg.h cfgmgr32.h cguid.h conio.h
cpl.h cplext.h crtdbg.h crtdefs.h ctype.h daogetrw.h datapath.h dbdaoerr.h dbdaoid.h dbdaoint.h dbt.h
dciddi.h dciman.h dde.h dde.rh ddeml.h ddrawgdi.h delayhlp.cpp delayimp.h devguid.h dhcpcsdk.h dhcpsapi.h dhcpssdk.h
dhtmldid.h dhtmled.h dhtmliid.h digitalv.h dimm.h dir.h direct.h dirent.h diskguid.h dispatch.h dispdib.h dispex.h
dlcapi.h dlgs.h docobj.h domdid.h dos.h dsadmin.h dsclient.h dsgetdc.h dskquota.h dsquery.h dsrole.h dtchelp.h
dvec.h dvobj.h dxtmpl.h eh.h emmintrin.h emostore.h emostore_i.c emptyvc.h errno.h error.h errorrep.h eventsys.h
evntrace.h exchform.h excpt.h exdisp.h exdispid.h fci.h fcntl.h fdi.h fenv.h filehc.h fileopen.dlg filter.h
filterr.h findtext.dlg float.h fltdefs.h font.dlg fpieee.h ftsiface.h fvec.h gb18030.h gdiplus.h gdiplusbase.h
gdiplusbitmap.h gdiplusbrush.h gdipluscachedbitmap.h gdipluscolor.h gdipluscolormatrix.h gdiplusenums.h gdiplusflat.h
gdiplusfont.h gdiplusfontcollection.h gdiplusfontfamily.h gdiplusgpstubs.h gdiplusgraphics.h gdiplusheaders.h
gdiplusimageattributes.h gdiplusimagecodec.h gdiplusimaging.h gdiplusinit.h gdipluslinecaps.h gdiplusmatrix.h
gdiplusmem.h gdiplusmetafile.h gdiplusmetaheader.h gdipluspath.h gdipluspen.h gdipluspixelformats.h gdiplusregion.h
gdiplusstringformat.h gdiplustypes.h getopt.h gmp.h gpedit.h gpmgmt.h guiddef.h h323priv.h hlguids.h hliface.h
hlink.h hostinfo.h htiface.h htiframe.h htmlguid.h htmlhelp.h http.h httpext.h httpfilt.h httprequestid.h
i_cryptasn1tls.h ia64reg.h iaccess.h iadmext.h iadmw.h iads.h icm.h icmpapi.h icmui.dlg icrsint.h idf.h idispids.h
iedial.h ieverp.h iiis.h iiisext.h iimgctx.h iiscnfg.h iisext_i.c iisrsta.h ilogobj.hxx imagehlp.h ime.h imessage.h
imm.h include indexsrv.h inetreg.h inetsdk.h initguid.h initoid.h inputscope.h intrin.h intshcut.h inttypes.h
invkprxy.h io.h ioevent.h ipexport.h iphlpapi.h ipifcons.h ipinfoid.h ipmsp.h iprtrmib.h iptypes.h ipxconst.h
ipxrip.h ipxrtdef.h ipxsap.h ipxtfflt.h isguids.h iso646.h issper16.h issperr.h iwamreg.h ks.h ksguid.h ksmedia.h
ksproxy.h ksuuids.h kxia64.h limits.h lm.h lmaccess.h lmalert.h lmapibuf.h lmat.h lmaudit.h lmconfig.h lmcons.h
lmdfs.h lmerr.h lmerrlog.h lmjoin.h lmmsg.h lmremutl.h lmrepl.h lmserver.h lmshare.h lmsname.h lmstats.h lmsvc.h
lmuse.h lmuseflg.h lmwksta.h loadperf.h locale.h lpmapi.h lzexpand.h madcapcl.h mailmsgprops.h malloc.h
mapi.h mapicode.h mapidbg.h mapidefs.h mapiform.h mapiguid.h mapihook.h mapinls.h mapioid.h mapispi.h mapitags.h
mapiutil.h mapival.h mapiwin.h mapiwz.h mapix.h math.h mbctype.h mbstring.h mciavi.h mcx.h mdbrole.hxx mdcommsg.h
mddefw.h mdhcp.h mdmsg.h mem.h memory.h mergemod.h mgm.h mgmtapi.h midles.h mimedisp.h mimeinfo.h minmax.h mlang.h
mm3dnow.h mm_malloc.h mmc.h mmcobj.h mmintrin.h mmreg.h mmsystem.h mobsync.h moniker.h mpf2mpfr.h mpfr.h mprapi.h
mprerror.h mq.h mqmail.h mqoai.h msacm.h msacmdlg.dlg msacmdlg.h msado15.h msasn1.h msber.h mschapp.h msclus.h msdadc.h
msdaguid.h msdaipp.h msdaipper.h msdaora.h msdaosp.h msdasc.h msdasql.h msdatsrc.h msdshape.h msfs.h mshtmcid.h
mshtmdid.h mshtmhst.h mshtml.h mshtmlc.h msi.h msidefs.h msimcntl.h msimcsdk.h msiquery.h msoav.h msp.h msremote.h
mssip.h msstkppg.h mstask.h mstcpip.h msterr.h mswsock.h msxml.h msxml2.h msxml2did.h msxmldid.h mtsadmin.h
mtsadmin_i.c mtsevents.h mtsgrp.h mtx.h mtxadmin.h mtxadmin_i.c mtxattr.h mtxdm.h multimon.h multinfo.h nb30.h
ndr64types.h ndrtypes.h netcon.h neterr.h netmon.h netprov.h new.h newapis.h nmmintrin.h nmsupp.h npapi.h nspapi.h
ntddndis.h ntddpsch.h ntddscsi.h ntdsapi.h ntdsbcli.h ntdsbmsg.h ntgdi.h ntldap.h ntmsapi.h ntmsmli.h ntquery.h
ntsdexts.h ntsecapi.h ntsecpkg.h ntstatus.h ntverp.h oaidl.h objbase.h objerror.h objidl.h objsafe.h objsel.h
ocidl.h ocmm.h odbcinst.h odbcss.h ole.h ole2.h ole2ver.h oleacc.h oleauto.h olectl.h olectlid.h oledb.h oledbdep.h
oledberr.h oledbguid.h oledlg.dlg oledlg.h oleidl.h oletx2xa.h omp.h parser.h patchapi.h patchwiz.h pbt.h pchannel.h
pcrt32.h pdh.h pdhmsg.h penwin.h perhist.h persist.h pgobootrun.h pmmintrin.h polarity.h poppack.h powrprof.h prnsetup.dlg
process.h profinfo.h propidl.h prsht.h psapi.h pshpack1.h pshpack2.h pshpack4.h pshpack8.h pstore.h qmgr.h qos.h qosname.h
qospol.h qossp.h ras.h rasdlg.h raseapif.h raserror.h rassapi.h rasshost.h ratings.h reason.h recguids.h reconcil.h
regstr.h rend.h resapi.h richedit.h richole.h rkeysvcc.h rnderr.h routprot.h rpc.h rpcasync.h rpcdce.h rpcdcep.h
rpcndr.h rpcnsi.h rpcnsip.h rpcnterr.h rpcproxy.h rpcssl.h rrascfg.h rtcapi.h rtccore.h rtcerr.h rtinfo.h rtm.h
rtmv2.h rtutils.h scarddat.h scarderr.h scardmgr.h scardsrv.h scardssp.h scardssp_i.c scardssp_p.c scesvc.h schannel.h
schedule.h schemadef.h schnlsp.h scode.h scrnsave.h scrptids.h sddl.h sdoias.h sdpblb.h sdperr.h search.h secext.h
security.h sehmap.h sens.h sensapi.h sensevts.h servprov.h setjmp.h setjmpex.h setupapi.h sfc.h shappmgr.h share.h
shdeprecated.h shdispid.h shellapi.h shfolder.h shldisp.h shlguid.h shlobj.h shlwapi.h shobjidl.h shtypes.h signal.h
simpdata.h simpdc.h sipbase.h sisbkup.h smmintrin.h smpab.h smpms.h smpxp.h smtpguid.h smx.h snmp.h softpub.h specstrings.h
sporder.h sql.h sql_1.h sqlext.h sqloledb.h sqltypes.h sqlucode.h srrestoreptapi.h srv.h sspguid.h sspi.h sspserr.h sspsidl.h
stdarg.h stdbool.h stddef.h stdexcpt.h stdint.h stdio.h stdlib.h sti.h stierr.h stireg.h stllock.h stm.h storage.h
storprop.h stralign.h string.h strings.h strmif.h strsafe.h subauth.h subsmgr.h svcguid.h svrapi.h syslimits.h
tapi.h tapi3.h tapi3cc.h tapi3ds.h tapi3err.h tapi3if.h tcerror.h tcguid.h tchar.h termio.h termios.h termmgr.h
textserv.h tgmath.h time.h time.inl timeprov.h tlhelp32.h tlogstg.h tmmintrin.h tmschema.h tnef.h tom.h traffic.h
transact.h triedcid.h triediid.h triedit.h tspi.h tsuserex.h tsuserex_i.c tvout.h txcoord.h txctx.h txdtc.h typeinfo.h
uastrfnc.h umx.h unistd.h unknwn.h unwind.h urlhist.h urlmon.h userenv.h usp10.h utime.h uuids.h uxtheme.h vadefs.h
varargs.h vcr.h vdmdbg.h verinfo.ver vfw.h wab.h wabapi.h wabcode.h wabdefs.h wabiab.h wabmem.h wabnot.h wabtags.h
wabutil.h wbemads.h wbemcli.h wbemdisp.h wbemidl.h wbemprov.h wbemtran.h wchar.h wctype.h wfext.h wia.h wiadef.h
wiadevd.h wiavideo.h winable.h winbase.h winber.h wincon.h wincred.h wincrypt.h windef.h windns.h windows.h windowsx.h
windowsx.h16 winefs.h winerror.h wingdi.h wininet.h winioctl.h winldap.h winnetwk.h winnls.h winnls32.h winnt.h
winnt.rh winperf.h winreg.h winresrc.h winsafer.h winscard.h winsmcrd.h winsnmp.h winsock.h winsock2.h winspool.h
winsvc.h winternl.h wintrust.h winuser.h winuser.rh winver.h winwlx.h wmistr.h wmiutils.h wownt16.h wownt32.h
wpapi.h wpapimsg.h wpcrsmsg.h wpftpmsg.h wppstmsg.h wpspihlp.h wptypes.h wpwizmsg.h ws2atm.h ws2dnet.h ws2spi.h
ws2tcpip.h wshisotp.h wsipv6ok.h wsipx.h wsnetbs.h wsnwlink.h wspiapi.h wsrm.h wsvns.h wtime.inl wtsapi32.h wtypes.h
xa.h xcmc.h xcmcext.h xcmcmsx2.h xcmcmsxt.h xenroll.h xlocinfo.h xmath.h xmldomdid.h xmldsodid.h xmltrnsf.h xmmintrin.h
xolehlp.h ymath.h yvals.h zmouse.h
gl.h glaux.h glu.h
cdefs.h fcntl.h file.h ioctl.h locking.h param.h stat.h stat.inl termio.h termios.h time.h timeb.h timeb.inl
ttychars.h types.h unistd.h utime.h utime.inl wstat.inl