Public Suffix List (PSL) Pull Request (PR) Template

Each PSL PR needs to have a description, rationale, indication of DNS validation and syntax checking, as well as a number of acknowledgements from the submitter. This template must be included with each PR, and the submitting party MUST provide responses to all of the elements in order to be considered.

Checklist of required steps

  • [ ] Description of Organization

  • [ ] Robust Reason for PSL Inclusion

  • [ ] DNS verification via dig

  • [ ] Run Syntax Checker (make test)

  • [ ] Each domain listed in the PRIVATE section has and shall maintain at least two years remaining on registration, and we shall keep the _PSL txt record in place in the respective zone(s) in the affected section

Submitter affirms the following:

  • [ ] We are listing any third-party limits that we seek to work around in our rationale such as those between IOS 14.5+ and Facebook (see Issue #1245 as a well-documented example)
  • [ ] This request was not submitted with the objective of working around other third-party limits
  • [ ] The Guidelines were carefully read and understood, and this request conforms
  • [ ] The submission follows the guidelines on formatting and sorting

For Private section requests that are submitting entries for domains that match their organization website's primary domain, please understand that this can have impacts that may not match the desired outcome and take a long time to rollback, if at all.

To ensure that requested changes are entirely intentional, make sure that you read the affectation and propagation expectations, that you understand them, and confirm this understanding.

PR Rollbacks have lower priority, and the volunteers are unable to control when or if browsers or other parties using the PSL will refresh or update.

(Link: about propagation/expectations)

  • [ ] Yes, I understand. I could break my organization's website cookies etc. and the rollback timing, etc is acceptable. Proceed.

Description of Organization

Organization Website:

Reason for PSL Inclusion

Number of users this request is being made to serve:

DNS Verification via dig

Results of Syntax Checker (make test)