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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include <stdio.h>
/* The *_extension_release flavours will look for /usr/lib/extension-release/extension-release.NAME
* in accordance with the OS extension specification, rather than for /usr/lib/ or /etc/os-release. */
bool image_name_is_valid(const char *s) _pure_;
int path_is_extension_tree(const char *path, const char *extension);
static inline int path_is_os_tree(const char *path) {
return path_is_extension_tree(path, NULL);
int open_extension_release(const char *root, const char *extension, char **ret_path, int *ret_fd);
static inline int open_os_release(const char *root, char **ret_path, int *ret_fd) {
return open_extension_release(root, NULL, ret_path, ret_fd);
int fopen_extension_release(const char *root, const char *extension, char **ret_path, FILE **ret_file);
static inline int fopen_os_release(const char *root, char **ret_path, FILE **ret_file) {
return fopen_extension_release(root, NULL, ret_path, ret_file);
int _parse_extension_release(const char *root, const char *extension, ...) _sentinel_;
int _parse_os_release(const char *root, ...) _sentinel_;
#define parse_extension_release(root, extension, ...) _parse_extension_release(root, extension, __VA_ARGS__, NULL)
#define parse_os_release(root, ...) _parse_os_release(root, __VA_ARGS__, NULL)
int load_extension_release_pairs(const char *root, const char *extension, char ***ret);
int load_os_release_pairs(const char *root, char ***ret);
int load_os_release_pairs_with_prefix(const char *root, const char *prefix, char ***ret);