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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include <efi.h>
#include <efilib.h>
#include "string-util-fundamental.h"
#define OFFSETOF(x,y) __builtin_offsetof(x,y)
static inline UINTN ALIGN_TO(UINTN l, UINTN ali) {
return ((l + ali - 1) & ~(ali - 1));
EFI_STATUS parse_boolean(const CHAR8 *v, BOOLEAN *b);
UINT64 ticks_read(void);
UINT64 ticks_freq(void);
UINT64 time_usec(void);
EFI_STATUS efivar_set(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, const CHAR16 *value, UINT32 flags);
EFI_STATUS efivar_set_raw(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, const VOID *buf, UINTN size, UINT32 flags);
EFI_STATUS efivar_set_uint_string(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINTN i, UINT32 flags);
EFI_STATUS efivar_set_uint32_le(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *NAME, UINT32 value, UINT32 flags);
EFI_STATUS efivar_set_uint64_le(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINT64 value, UINT32 flags);
VOID efivar_set_time_usec(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINT64 usec);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, CHAR16 **value);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get_raw(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, CHAR8 **buffer, UINTN *size);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get_uint_string(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINTN *i);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get_uint32_le(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINT32 *ret);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get_uint64_le(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, UINT64 *ret);
EFI_STATUS efivar_get_boolean_u8(const EFI_GUID *vendor, const CHAR16 *name, BOOLEAN *ret);
CHAR8 *strchra(const CHAR8 *s, CHAR8 c);
CHAR16 *stra_to_path(const CHAR8 *stra);
CHAR16 *stra_to_str(const CHAR8 *stra);
EFI_STATUS file_read(EFI_FILE_HANDLE dir, const CHAR16 *name, UINTN off, UINTN size, CHAR8 **content, UINTN *content_size);
static inline void FreePoolp(void *p) {
void *q = *(void**) p;
if (!q)
#define _cleanup_freepool_ _cleanup_(FreePoolp)
static inline void FileHandleClosep(EFI_FILE_HANDLE *handle) {
if (!*handle)
uefi_call_wrapper((*handle)->Close, 1, *handle);
* Allocated random UUID, intended to be shared across tools that implement
* the (ESP)\loader\entries\<vendor>-<revision>.conf convention and the
* associated EFI variables.
#define LOADER_GUID \
&(const EFI_GUID) { 0x4a67b082, 0x0a4c, 0x41cf, { 0xb6, 0xc7, 0x44, 0x0b, 0x29, 0xbb, 0x8c, 0x4f } }
#define UINTN_MAX (~(UINTN)0)
#define INTN_MAX ((INTN)(UINTN_MAX>>1))
#ifndef UINT32_MAX
#define UINT32_MAX ((UINT32) -1)
#ifndef UINT64_MAX
#define UINT64_MAX ((UINT64) -1)
VOID log_error_stall(const CHAR16 *fmt, ...);
EFI_STATUS log_oom(void);
/* This works just like log_error_errno() from userspace, but requires you
* to provide err a second time if you want to use %r in the message! */
#define log_error_status_stall(err, fmt, ...) \
({ \
log_error_stall(fmt, ##__VA_ARGS__); \
err; \