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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include <sys/sdt.h>
#include "sd-device.h"
#include "time-util.h"
#define UDEV_NAME_SIZE 512
#define UDEV_PATH_SIZE 1024
#define UDEV_LINE_SIZE 16384
typedef enum ResolveNameTiming {
} ResolveNameTiming;
ResolveNameTiming resolve_name_timing_from_string(const char *s) _pure_;
const char *resolve_name_timing_to_string(ResolveNameTiming i) _const_;
int udev_parse_config_full(
unsigned *ret_children_max,
usec_t *ret_exec_delay_usec,
usec_t *ret_event_timeout_usec,
ResolveNameTiming *ret_resolve_name_timing,
int *ret_timeout_signal);
static inline int udev_parse_config(void) {
return udev_parse_config_full(NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
int device_wait_for_initialization(sd_device *device, const char *subsystem, usec_t deadline, sd_device **ret);
int device_wait_for_devlink(const char *path, const char *subsystem, usec_t deadline, sd_device **ret);
int device_is_renaming(sd_device *dev);
bool device_for_action(sd_device *dev, sd_device_action_t action);
void log_device_uevent(sd_device *device, const char *str);
int udev_rule_parse_value(char *str, char **ret_value, char **ret_endpos);
size_t udev_replace_whitespace(const char *str, char *to, size_t len);
size_t udev_replace_ifname(char *str);
size_t udev_replace_chars(char *str, const char *allow);
int udev_resolve_subsys_kernel(const char *string, char *result, size_t maxsize, bool read_value);
int udev_queue_is_empty(void);
int udev_queue_init(void);
/* Each trace point can have different number of additional arguments. Note that when the macro is used only
* additional arguments are listed in the macro invocation!
* Default arguments for each trace point are as follows:
* - arg0 - action
* - arg1 - sysname
* - arg2 - syspath
* - arg3 - subsystem
#define DEVICE_TRACE_POINT(name, dev, ...) \
do { \
const char *_n = NULL, *_p = NULL, *_s = NULL; \
sd_device *_d = (dev); \
sd_device_action_t _a = _SD_DEVICE_ACTION_INVALID; \
(void) sd_device_get_action(_d, &_a); \
(void) sd_device_get_sysname(_d, &_n); \
(void) sd_device_get_syspath(_d, &_p); \
(void) sd_device_get_subsystem(_d, &_s); \
STAP_PROBEV(udev, name, device_action_to_string(_a), _n, _p, _s __VA_OPT__(,) __VA_ARGS__);\
} while(false);
#define DEVICE_TRACE_POINT(name, dev, ...) ((void) 0)