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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* Copyright (c) 2015 Google, Inc
* EFI information obtained here:
* Common EFI functions
#include <common.h>
#include <debug_uart.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <efi.h>
#include <efi_api.h>
* Unfortunately we cannot access any code outside what is built especially
* for the stub. lib/string.c is already being built for the U-Boot payload
* so it uses the wrong compiler flags. Add our own memset() here.
static void efi_memset(void *ptr, int ch, int size)
char *dest = ptr;
while (size-- > 0)
*dest++ = ch;
* Since the EFI stub cannot access most of the U-Boot code, add our own
* simple console output functions here. The EFI app will not use these since
* it can use the normal console.
void efi_putc(struct efi_priv *priv, const char ch)
struct efi_simple_text_output_protocol *con = priv->sys_table->con_out;
uint16_t ucode[2];
ucode[0] = ch;
ucode[1] = '\0';
con->output_string(con, ucode);
void efi_puts(struct efi_priv *priv, const char *str)
while (*str)
efi_putc(priv, *str++);
int efi_init(struct efi_priv *priv, const char *banner, efi_handle_t image,
struct efi_system_table *sys_table)
efi_guid_t loaded_image_guid = LOADED_IMAGE_PROTOCOL_GUID;
struct efi_boot_services *boot = sys_table->boottime;
struct efi_loaded_image *loaded_image;
int ret;
efi_memset(priv, '\0', sizeof(*priv));
priv->sys_table = sys_table;
priv->boot = sys_table->boottime;
priv->parent_image = image;
priv->run = sys_table->runtime;
efi_puts(priv, "U-Boot EFI ");
efi_puts(priv, banner);
efi_putc(priv, ' ');
ret = boot->open_protocol(priv->parent_image, &loaded_image_guid,
(void **)&loaded_image, &priv->parent_image,
if (ret) {
efi_puts(priv, "Failed to get loaded image protocol\n");
return ret;
priv->image_data_type = loaded_image->image_data_type;
return 0;
void *efi_malloc(struct efi_priv *priv, int size, efi_status_t *retp)
struct efi_boot_services *boot = priv->boot;
void *buf = NULL;
*retp = boot->allocate_pool(priv->image_data_type, size, &buf);
return buf;
void efi_free(struct efi_priv *priv, void *ptr)
struct efi_boot_services *boot = priv->boot;