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**********Amlogic Configurable SPL**************
#ifndef __ACS_H
#define __ACS_H
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
struct acs_setting{
char acs_magic[5]; //acs setting magic word, make sure this piece of data was right.
unsigned char chip_type; //chip type
unsigned short version; //version of acs_setting struct, for PC tool use.
unsigned long acs_set_length; //length of current struct.
//ddr setting part, 16 bytes
char ddr_magic[5]; //magic word to indicate that following 12 bytes was ddr setting.
unsigned char ddr_set_version; //struct version, for PC tool use.
unsigned short ddr_set_length; //length of ddr struct.
unsigned long ddr_set_addr; //address of ddr setting.
//ddr timing part, 16 bytes
char ddrt_magic[5];
unsigned char ddrt_set_version;
unsigned short ddrt_set_length;
unsigned long ddrt_set_addr;
char pll_magic[5];
unsigned char pll_set_version;
unsigned short pll_set_length;
unsigned long pll_set_addr;
}__attribute__ ((packed));