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The LS1021ATWR is a Freescale reference board that hosts the LS1021A SoC.
LS1021A SoC Overview
The QorIQ LS1 family, which includes the LS1021A communications processor,
is built on Layerscape architecture, the industry's first software-aware,
core-agnostic networking architecture to offer unprecedented efficiency
and scale.
A member of the value-performance tier, the QorIQ LS1021A processor provides
extensive integration and power efficiency for fanless, small form factor
enterprise networking applications. Incorporating dual ARM Cortex-A7 cores
running up to 1.0 GHz, the LS1021A processor delivers pre-silicon CoreMark
performance of over 6,000, as well as virtualization support, advanced
security features and the broadest array of high-speed interconnects and
optimized peripheral features ever offered in a sub-3 W processor.
The QorIQ LS1021A processor features an integrated LCD controller,
CAN controller for implementing industrial protocols, DDR3L/4 running
up to 1600 MHz, integrated security engine and QUICC Engine, and ECC
protection on both L1 and L2 caches. The LS1021A processor is pin- and
software-compatible with the QorIQ LS1020A and LS1022A processors.
The LS1021A SoC includes the following function and features:
- ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore compliant with ARMv7-A architecture
- Dual high-preformance ARM Cortex-A7 cores, each core includes:
- 32 Kbyte L1 Instruction Cache and Data Cache for each core (ECC protection)
- 512 Kbyte shared coherent L2 Cache (with ECC protection)
- NEON Co-processor (per core)
- 40-bit physical addressing
- Vector floating-point support
- ARM Core-Link CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect
- One DDR3L/DDR4 SDRAM memory controller with x8/x16/x32-bit configuration
supporting speeds up to 1600Mtps
- ECC and interleaving support
- VeTSEC Ethernet complex
- Up to 3x virtualized 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers
- MII, RMII, RGMII, and SGMII support
- QoS, lossless flow control, and IEEE 1588 support
- 4-lane 6GHz SerDes
- High speed interconnect (4 SerDes lanes with are muxed for these protocol)
- Two PCI Express Gen2 controllers running at up to 5 GHz
- One Serial ATA 3.0 supporting 6 GT/s operation
- Two SGMII interfaces supporting 1000 Mbps
- Additional peripheral interfaces
- One high-speed USB 3.0 controller with integrated PHY and one high-speed
USB 2.00 controller with ULPI
- Integrated flash controller (IFC) with 16-bit interface
- Quad SPI NOR Flash
- One enhanced Secure digital host controller
- Display controller unit (DCU) 24-bit RGB (12-bit DDR pin interface)
- Ten UARTs comprised of two 16550 compliant DUARTs, and six low power
- Three I2C controllers
- Eight FlexTimers four supporting PWM and four FlexCAN ports
- Four GPIO controllers supporting up to 109 general purpose I/O signals
- Integrated advanced audio block:
- Four synchronous audio interfaces (SAI)
- Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (SPDIF)
- Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
- Hardware based crypto offload engine
- IPSec forwarding at up to 1Gbps
- QorIQ Trust Architecture, Secure Boot, and ARM TrustZone supported
- Public key hardware accelerator
- True Random Number Generator (NIST Certified)
- Advanced Encryption Standard Accelerators (AESA)
- Data Encryption Standard Accelerators
- QUICC Engine ULite block
- Two universal communication controllers (TDM and HDLC) supporting 64
multichannels, each running at 64 Kbps
- Support for 256 channels of HDLC
- QorIQ TrustArchitecture with Secure Boot, as well as ARM TrustZone supported
LS1021ATWR board Overview
- DDR Controller
- Supports rates of up to 1600 MHz data-rate
- Supports one DDR3LP SDRAM.
- IFC/Local Bus
- NOR: 128MB 16-bit NOR Flash
- Ethernet
- Three on-board RGMII 10/100/1G ethernet ports.
- Clocks
- System and DDR clock (SYSCLK, DDRCLK)
- SERDES clocks
- Power Supplies
- SDHC/SDXC connector
- Other IO
- One Serial port
- Three I2C ports
Memory map
The addresses in brackets are physical addresses.
Start Address End Address Description Size
0x00_0000_0000 0x00_000F_FFFF Secure Boot ROM 1MB
0x00_0100_0000 0x00_0FFF_FFFF CCSRBAR 240MB
0x00_1000_0000 0x00_1000_FFFF OCRAM0 64KB
0x00_1001_0000 0x00_1001_FFFF OCRAM1 64KB
0x00_2000_0000 0x00_20FF_FFFF DCSR 16MB
0x00_4000_0000 0x00_5FFF_FFFF QSPI 512MB
0x00_6000_0000 0x00_67FF_FFFF IFC - NOR Flash 128MB
0x00_8000_0000 0x00_FFFF_FFFF DRAM1 2GB