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* YAFFS: Yet Another Flash File System. A NAND-flash specific file system.
* Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Aleph One Ltd.
* for Toby Churchill Ltd and Brightstar Engineering
* Created by Charles Manning <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include "yaffs_nand.h"
#include "yaffs_tagscompat.h"
#include "yaffs_getblockinfo.h"
#include "yaffs_summary.h"
int yaffs_rd_chunk_tags_nand(struct yaffs_dev *dev, int nand_chunk,
u8 *buffer, struct yaffs_ext_tags *tags)
int result;
struct yaffs_ext_tags local_tags;
int flash_chunk = nand_chunk - dev->chunk_offset;
/* If there are no tags provided use local tags. */
if (!tags)
tags = &local_tags;
if (dev->param.read_chunk_tags_fn)
result =
dev->param.read_chunk_tags_fn(dev, flash_chunk, buffer,
result = yaffs_tags_compat_rd(dev,
flash_chunk, buffer, tags);
if (tags && tags->ecc_result > YAFFS_ECC_RESULT_NO_ERROR) {
struct yaffs_block_info *bi;
bi = yaffs_get_block_info(dev,
nand_chunk /
yaffs_handle_chunk_error(dev, bi);
return result;
int yaffs_wr_chunk_tags_nand(struct yaffs_dev *dev,
int nand_chunk,
const u8 *buffer, struct yaffs_ext_tags *tags)
int result;
int flash_chunk = nand_chunk - dev->chunk_offset;
if (tags) {
tags->seq_number = dev->seq_number;
tags->chunk_used = 1;
"Writing chunk %d tags %d %d",
nand_chunk, tags->obj_id, tags->chunk_id);
} else {
yaffs_trace(YAFFS_TRACE_ERROR, "Writing with no tags");
return YAFFS_FAIL;
if (dev->param.write_chunk_tags_fn)
result = dev->param.write_chunk_tags_fn(dev, flash_chunk,
buffer, tags);
result = yaffs_tags_compat_wr(dev, flash_chunk, buffer, tags);
yaffs_summary_add(dev, tags, nand_chunk);
return result;
int yaffs_mark_bad(struct yaffs_dev *dev, int block_no)
block_no -= dev->block_offset;
if (dev->param.bad_block_fn)
return dev->param.bad_block_fn(dev, block_no);
return yaffs_tags_compat_mark_bad(dev, block_no);
int yaffs_query_init_block_state(struct yaffs_dev *dev,
int block_no,
enum yaffs_block_state *state,
u32 *seq_number)
block_no -= dev->block_offset;
if (dev->param.query_block_fn)
return dev->param.query_block_fn(dev, block_no, state,
return yaffs_tags_compat_query_block(dev, block_no, state, seq_number);
int yaffs_erase_block(struct yaffs_dev *dev, int flash_block)
int result;
flash_block -= dev->block_offset;
result = dev->param.erase_fn(dev, flash_block);
return result;
int yaffs_init_nand(struct yaffs_dev *dev)
if (dev->param.initialise_flash_fn)
return dev->param.initialise_flash_fn(dev);
return YAFFS_OK;