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* YAFFS: Yet another Flash File System . A NAND-flash specific file system.
* Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Aleph One Ltd.
* for Toby Churchill Ltd and Brightstar Engineering
* Created by Charles Manning <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Note: Only YAFFS headers are LGPL, YAFFS C code is covered by GPL.
* Header file for using yaffs in an application via
* a direct interface.
#ifndef __YAFFSFS_H__
#define __YAFFSFS_H__
#include "yaffscfg.h"
#include "yportenv.h"
#ifndef NAME_MAX
#define NAME_MAX 256
#define YAFFS_MAX_FILE_SIZE (0x800000000LL - 1)
struct yaffs_dirent {
long d_ino; /* inode number */
off_t d_off; /* offset to this dirent */
unsigned short d_reclen; /* length of this dirent */
YUCHAR d_type; /* type of this record */
YCHAR d_name[NAME_MAX+1]; /* file name (null-terminated) */
unsigned d_dont_use; /* debug: not for public consumption */
typedef struct opaque_structure yaffs_DIR;
struct yaffs_stat {
int st_dev; /* device */
int st_ino; /* inode */
unsigned st_mode; /* protection */
int st_nlink; /* number of hard links */
int st_uid; /* user ID of owner */
int st_gid; /* group ID of owner */
unsigned st_rdev; /* device type (if inode device) */
loff_t st_size; /* total size, in bytes */
unsigned long st_blksize; /* blocksize for filesystem I/O */
unsigned long st_blocks; /* number of blocks allocated */
/* Special 64-bit times for WinCE */
unsigned long yst_wince_atime[2];
unsigned long yst_wince_mtime[2];
unsigned long yst_wince_ctime[2];
unsigned long yst_atime; /* time of last access */
unsigned long yst_mtime; /* time of last modification */
unsigned long yst_ctime; /* time of last change */
struct yaffs_utimbuf {
unsigned long actime;
unsigned long modtime;
int yaffs_open(const YCHAR *path, int oflag, int mode) ;
int yaffs_close(int fd) ;
int yaffs_fsync(int fd) ;
int yaffs_fdatasync(int fd) ;
int yaffs_flush(int fd) ; /* same as yaffs_fsync() */
int yaffs_access(const YCHAR *path, int amode);
int yaffs_dup(int fd);
int yaffs_read(int fd, void *buf, unsigned int nbyte) ;
int yaffs_write(int fd, const void *buf, unsigned int nbyte) ;
int yaffs_pread(int fd, void *buf, unsigned int nbyte, loff_t offset);
int yaffs_pwrite(int fd, const void *buf, unsigned int nbyte, loff_t offset);
loff_t yaffs_lseek(int fd, loff_t offset, int whence) ;
int yaffs_truncate(const YCHAR *path, loff_t new_size);
int yaffs_ftruncate(int fd, loff_t new_size);
int yaffs_unlink(const YCHAR *path) ;
int yaffs_rename(const YCHAR *oldPath, const YCHAR *newPath) ;
int yaffs_stat(const YCHAR *path, struct yaffs_stat *buf) ;
int yaffs_lstat(const YCHAR *path, struct yaffs_stat *buf) ;
int yaffs_fstat(int fd, struct yaffs_stat *buf) ;
int yaffs_utime(const YCHAR *path, const struct yaffs_utimbuf *buf);
int yaffs_futime(int fd, const struct yaffs_utimbuf *buf);
int yaffs_setxattr(const char *path, const char *name,
const void *data, int size, int flags);
int yaffs_lsetxattr(const char *path, const char *name,
const void *data, int size, int flags);
int yaffs_fsetxattr(int fd, const char *name,
const void *data, int size, int flags);
int yaffs_getxattr(const char *path, const char *name,
void *data, int size);
int yaffs_lgetxattr(const char *path, const char *name,
void *data, int size);
int yaffs_fgetxattr(int fd, const char *name,
void *data, int size);
int yaffs_removexattr(const char *path, const char *name);
int yaffs_lremovexattr(const char *path, const char *name);
int yaffs_fremovexattr(int fd, const char *name);
int yaffs_listxattr(const char *path, char *list, int size);
int yaffs_llistxattr(const char *path, char *list, int size);
int yaffs_flistxattr(int fd, char *list, int size);
int yaffs_set_wince_times(int fd,
const unsigned *wctime,
const unsigned *watime,
const unsigned *wmtime);
int yaffs_get_wince_times(int fd,
unsigned *wctime,
unsigned *watime,
unsigned *wmtime);
int yaffs_chmod(const YCHAR *path, mode_t mode);
int yaffs_fchmod(int fd, mode_t mode);
int yaffs_mkdir(const YCHAR *path, mode_t mode) ;
int yaffs_rmdir(const YCHAR *path) ;
yaffs_DIR *yaffs_opendir(const YCHAR *dirname) ;
struct yaffs_dirent *yaffs_readdir(yaffs_DIR *dirp) ;
void yaffs_rewinddir(yaffs_DIR *dirp) ;
int yaffs_closedir(yaffs_DIR *dirp) ;
int yaffs_mount(const YCHAR *path) ;
int yaffs_mount2(const YCHAR *path, int read_only);
int yaffs_mount_common(const YCHAR *path, int read_only, int skip_checkpt);
int yaffs_unmount(const YCHAR *path) ;
int yaffs_unmount2(const YCHAR *path, int force);
int yaffs_remount(const YCHAR *path, int force, int read_only);
int yaffs_sync(const YCHAR *path) ;
int yaffs_symlink(const YCHAR *oldpath, const YCHAR *newpath);
int yaffs_readlink(const YCHAR *path, YCHAR *buf, int bufsiz);
int yaffs_link(const YCHAR *oldpath, const YCHAR *newpath);
int yaffs_mknod(const YCHAR *pathname, mode_t mode, dev_t dev);
loff_t yaffs_freespace(const YCHAR *path);
loff_t yaffs_totalspace(const YCHAR *path);
int yaffs_inodecount(const YCHAR *path);
int yaffs_n_handles(const YCHAR *path);
int yaffs_open_sharing(const YCHAR *path, int oflag, int mode, int shareMode);
struct yaffs_dev;
void yaffs_add_device(struct yaffs_dev *dev);
int yaffs_start_up(void);
int yaffsfs_GetLastError(void);
/* Functions to iterate through devices. NB Use with extreme care! */
void yaffs_dev_rewind(void);
struct yaffs_dev *yaffs_next_dev(void);
/* Function to get the last error */
int yaffs_get_error(void);
const char *yaffs_error_to_str(int err);
/* Function only for debugging */
void *yaffs_getdev(const YCHAR *path);
int yaffs_dump_dev(const YCHAR *path);
int yaffs_set_error(int error);
/* Trace control functions */
unsigned yaffs_set_trace(unsigned tm);
unsigned yaffs_get_trace(void);