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* Copyright 2008-2014 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef __JR_H
#define __JR_H
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#define JR_SIZE 4
/* Timeout currently defined as 90 sec */
#define CONFIG_SEC_DEQ_TIMEOUT 90000000U
#define DEFAULT_JR_ID 0
#define DEFAULT_IRQ 0 /* Interrupts not to be configured */
#define MCFGR_SWRST ((uint32_t)(1)<<31) /* Software Reset */
#define MCFGR_DMA_RST ((uint32_t)(1)<<28) /* DMA Reset */
#define MCFGR_PS_SHIFT 16
#define JR_INTMASK 0x00000001
#define JRCR_RESET 0x01
#define JRNSLIODN_MASK 0x0fff0000
#define JRSLIODN_MASK 0x00000fff
#define JQ_DEQ_ERR -1
#define JQ_DEQ_TO_ERR -2
#define JQ_ENQ_ERR -3
struct op_ring {
dma_addr_t desc;
uint32_t status;
} __packed;
struct jr_info {
void (*callback)(dma_addr_t desc, uint32_t status, void *arg);
dma_addr_t desc_phys_addr;
uint32_t desc_addr;
uint32_t desc_len;
uint32_t op_done;
void *arg;
struct jobring {
int jq_id;
int irq;
int liodn;
/* Head is the index where software would enq the descriptor in
* the i/p ring
int head;
/* Tail index would be used by s/w ehile enqueuing to determine if
* there is any space left in the s/w maintained i/p rings
/* Also in case of deq tail will be incremented only in case of
* in-order job completion
int tail;
/* Read index of the output ring. It may not match with tail in case
* of out of order completetion
int read_idx;
/* Write index to input ring. Would be always equal to head */
int write_idx;
/* Size of the rings. */
int size;
/* The ip and output rings have to be accessed by SEC. So the
* pointers will ahve to point to the housekeeping region provided
* by SEC
/*Circular Ring of i/p descriptors */
dma_addr_t *input_ring;
/* Circular Ring of o/p descriptors */
/* Circula Ring containing info regarding descriptors in i/p
* and o/p ring
/* This ring can be on the stack */
struct jr_info info[JR_SIZE];
struct op_ring *output_ring;
struct result {
int done;
uint32_t status;
void caam_jr_strstatus(u32 status);
int run_descriptor_jr(uint32_t *desc);