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* Altera 10/100/1000 triple speed ethernet mac
* Copyright (C) 2008 Altera Corporation.
* Copyright (C) 2010 Thomas Chou <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef _ALTERA_TSE_H_
#define _ALTERA_TSE_H_
#define __packed_1_ __attribute__ ((packed, aligned(1)))
/* PHY Stuff */
#define miim_end -2
#define miim_read -1
#define PHY_AUTONEGOTIATE_TIMEOUT 5000 /* in ms */
#define MIIMCFG_INIT_VALUE 0x00000003
#define MIIMCFG_RESET 0x80000000
#define MIIMIND_BUSY 0x00000001
#define MIIMIND_NOTVALID 0x00000004
#define MIIM_CONTROL 0x00
#define MIIM_CONTROL_RESET 0x00009140
#define MIIM_CONTROL_INIT 0x00001140
#define MIIM_CONTROL_RESTART 0x00001340
#define MIIM_ANEN 0x00001000
#define MIIM_CR 0x00
#define MIIM_CR_RST 0x00008000
#define MIIM_CR_INIT 0x00001000
#define MIIM_STATUS 0x1
#define MIIM_STATUS_AN_DONE 0x00000020
#define MIIM_STATUS_LINK 0x0004
#define MIIM_PHYIR1 0x2
#define MIIM_PHYIR2 0x3
#define MIIM_ANAR 0x4
#define MIIM_ANAR_INIT 0x1e1
#define MIIM_TBI_ANLPBPA 0x5
#define MIIM_TBI_ANLPBPA_HALF 0x00000040
#define MIIM_TBI_ANLPBPA_FULL 0x00000020
#define MIIM_TBI_ANEX 0x6
#define MIIM_TBI_ANEX_NP 0x00000004
#define MIIM_TBI_ANEX_PRX 0x00000002
/* 88E1011 PHY Status Register */
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHY_STATUS 0x11
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_SPEED 0xc000
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_GBIT 0x8000
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_100 0x4000
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_DUPLEX 0x2000
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_SPDDONE 0x0800
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHYSTAT_LINK 0x0400
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHY_SCR 0x10
#define MIIM_88E1011_PHY_MDI_X_AUTO 0x0060
#define MIIM_88E1111_PHY_EXT_CR 0x14
#define MIIM_88E1111_PHY_EXT_SR 0x1b
/* 88E1111 PHY LED Control Register */
#define MIIM_88E1111_PHY_LED_CONTROL 24
#define MIIM_88E1111_PHY_LED_DIRECT 0x4100
#define MIIM_88E1111_PHY_LED_COMBINE 0x411C
#define MIIM_READ_COMMAND 0x00000001
/* struct phy_info: a structure which defines attributes for a PHY
* id will contain a number which represents the PHY. During
* startup, the driver will poll the PHY to find out what its
* UID--as defined by registers 2 and 3--is. The 32-bit result
* gotten from the PHY will be shifted right by "shift" bits to
* discard any bits which may change based on revision numbers
* unimportant to functionality
* The struct phy_cmd entries represent pointers to an arrays of
* commands which tell the driver what to do to the PHY.
struct phy_info {
uint id;
char *name;
uint shift;
/* Called to configure the PHY, and modify the controller
* based on the results */
struct phy_cmd *config;
/* Called when starting up the controller */
struct phy_cmd *startup;
/* Called when bringing down the controller */
struct phy_cmd *shutdown;
/* SGDMA Stuff */
#define ALT_SGDMA_STATUS_ERROR_MSK (0x00000001)
#define ALT_SGDMA_STATUS_BUSY_MSK (0x00000010)
#define ALT_SGDMA_CONTROL_IE_ERROR_MSK (0x00000001)
#define ALT_SGDMA_CONTROL_IE_GLOBAL_MSK (0x00000010)
#define ALT_SGDMA_CONTROL_RUN_MSK (0x00000020)
#define ALT_SGDMA_CONTROL_STOP_DMA_ER_MSK (0x00000040)
#define ALT_SGDMA_CONTROL_PARK_MSK (0x00020000)
* Descriptor control bit masks & offsets
* Note: The control byte physically occupies bits [31:24] in memory.
* The following bit-offsets are expressed relative to the LSB of
* the control register bitfield.
* Descriptor status bit masks & offsets
* Note: The status byte physically occupies bits [23:16] in memory.
* The following bit-offsets are expressed relative to the LSB of
* the status register bitfield.
* The SGDMA controller buffer descriptor allocates
* 64 bits for each address. To support ANSI C, the
* struct implementing a descriptor places 32-bits
* of padding directly above each address; each pad must
* be cleared when initializing a descriptor.
* Buffer Descriptor data structure
struct alt_sgdma_descriptor {
unsigned int *source; /* the address of data to be read. */
unsigned int source_pad;
unsigned int *destination; /* the address to write data */
unsigned int destination_pad;
unsigned int *next; /* the next descriptor in the list. */
unsigned int next_pad;
unsigned short bytes_to_transfer; /* the number of bytes to transfer */
unsigned char read_burst;
unsigned char write_burst;
unsigned short actual_bytes_transferred;/* bytes transferred by DMA */
unsigned char descriptor_status;
unsigned char descriptor_control;
} __packed_1_;
/* SG-DMA Control/Status Slave registers map */
struct alt_sgdma_registers {
unsigned int status;
unsigned int status_pad[3];
unsigned int control;
unsigned int control_pad[3];
unsigned int next_descriptor_pointer;
unsigned int descriptor_pad[3];
/* TSE Stuff */
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_TX_ENA_MSK (0x00000001)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_RX_ENA_MSK (0x00000002)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_XON_GEN_MSK (0x00000004)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_ETH_SPEED_MSK (0x00000008)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_PROMIS_EN_MSK (0x00000010)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_PAD_EN_MSK (0x00000020)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_CRC_FWD_MSK (0x00000040)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_PAUSE_FWD_MSK (0x00000080)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_PAUSE_IGNORE_MSK (0x00000100)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_TX_ADDR_INS_MSK (0x00000200)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_HD_ENA_MSK (0x00000400)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_EXCESS_COL_MSK (0x00000800)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_LATE_COL_MSK (0x00001000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_SW_RESET_MSK (0x00002000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_MHASH_SEL_MSK (0x00004000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_LOOPBACK_MSK (0x00008000)
/* Bits (18:16) = address select */
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_TX_ADDR_SEL_MSK (0x00070000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_MAGIC_ENA_MSK (0x00080000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_SLEEP_MSK (0x00100000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_WAKEUP_MSK (0x00200000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_XOFF_GEN_MSK (0x00400000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_CNTL_FRM_ENA_MSK (0x00800000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_ENA_10_MSK (0x02000000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_RX_ERR_DISC_MSK (0x04000000)
/* Bits (30..27) reserved */
#define ALTERA_TSE_CMD_CNT_RESET_MSK (0x80000000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_TX_CMD_STAT_TX_SHIFT16 (0x00040000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_TX_CMD_STAT_OMIT_CRC (0x00020000)
#define ALTERA_TSE_RX_CMD_STAT_RX_SHIFT16 (0x02000000)
/* Command_Config Register Bit Definitions */
typedef volatile union __alt_tse_command_config {
unsigned int image;
struct {
unsigned int
transmit_enable:1, /* bit 0 */
receive_enable:1, /* bit 1 */
pause_frame_xon_gen:1, /* bit 2 */
ethernet_speed:1, /* bit 3 */
promiscuous_enable:1, /* bit 4 */
pad_enable:1, /* bit 5 */
crc_forward:1, /* bit 6 */
pause_frame_forward:1, /* bit 7 */
pause_frame_ignore:1, /* bit 8 */
set_mac_address_on_tx:1, /* bit 9 */
halfduplex_enable:1, /* bit 10 */
excessive_collision:1, /* bit 11 */
late_collision:1, /* bit 12 */
software_reset:1, /* bit 13 */
multicast_hash_mode_sel:1, /* bit 14 */
loopback_enable:1, /* bit 15 */
src_mac_addr_sel_on_tx:3, /* bit 18:16 */
magic_packet_detect:1, /* bit 19 */
sleep_mode_enable:1, /* bit 20 */
wake_up_request:1, /* bit 21 */
pause_frame_xoff_gen:1, /* bit 22 */
control_frame_enable:1, /* bit 23 */
payload_len_chk_disable:1, /* bit 24 */
enable_10mbps_intf:1, /* bit 25 */
rx_error_discard_enable:1, /* bit 26 */
reserved_bits:4, /* bit 30:27 */
self_clear_counter_reset:1; /* bit 31 */
} __packed_1_ bits;
} __packed_1_ alt_tse_command_config;
/* Tx_Cmd_Stat Register Bit Definitions */
typedef volatile union __alt_tse_tx_cmd_stat {
unsigned int image;
struct {
unsigned int reserved_lsbs:17, /* bit 16:0 */
omit_crc:1, /* bit 17 */
tx_shift16:1, /* bit 18 */
reserved_msbs:13; /* bit 31:19 */
} __packed_1_ bits;
} alt_tse_tx_cmd_stat;
/* Rx_Cmd_Stat Register Bit Definitions */
typedef volatile union __alt_tse_rx_cmd_stat {
unsigned int image;
struct {
unsigned int reserved_lsbs:25, /* bit 24:0 */
rx_shift16:1, /* bit 25 */
reserved_msbs:6; /* bit 31:26 */
} __packed_1_ bits;
} alt_tse_rx_cmd_stat;
struct alt_tse_mdio {
unsigned int control; /*PHY device operation control register */
unsigned int status; /*PHY device operation status register */
unsigned int phy_id1; /*Bits 31:16 of PHY identifier. */
unsigned int phy_id2; /*Bits 15:0 of PHY identifier. */
unsigned int auto_negotiation_advertisement;
unsigned int remote_partner_base_page_ability;
unsigned int reg6;
unsigned int reg7;
unsigned int reg8;
unsigned int reg9;
unsigned int rega;
unsigned int regb;
unsigned int regc;
unsigned int regd;
unsigned int rege;
unsigned int regf;
unsigned int reg10;
unsigned int reg11;
unsigned int reg12;
unsigned int reg13;
unsigned int reg14;
unsigned int reg15;
unsigned int reg16;
unsigned int reg17;
unsigned int reg18;
unsigned int reg19;
unsigned int reg1a;
unsigned int reg1b;
unsigned int reg1c;
unsigned int reg1d;
unsigned int reg1e;
unsigned int reg1f;
/* MAC register Space */
struct alt_tse_mac {
unsigned int megacore_revision;
unsigned int scratch_pad;
alt_tse_command_config command_config;
unsigned int mac_addr_0;
unsigned int mac_addr_1;
unsigned int max_frame_length;
unsigned int pause_quanta;
unsigned int rx_sel_empty_threshold;
unsigned int rx_sel_full_threshold;
unsigned int tx_sel_empty_threshold;
unsigned int tx_sel_full_threshold;
unsigned int rx_almost_empty_threshold;
unsigned int rx_almost_full_threshold;
unsigned int tx_almost_empty_threshold;
unsigned int tx_almost_full_threshold;
unsigned int mdio_phy0_addr;
unsigned int mdio_phy1_addr;
/* only if 100/1000 BaseX PCS, reserved otherwise */
unsigned int reservedx44[5];
unsigned int reg_read_access_status;
unsigned int min_tx_ipg_length;
/* IEEE 802.3 oEntity Managed Object Support */
unsigned int aMACID_1; /*The MAC addresses */
unsigned int aMACID_2;
unsigned int aFramesTransmittedOK;
unsigned int aFramesReceivedOK;
unsigned int aFramesCheckSequenceErrors;
unsigned int aAlignmentErrors;
unsigned int aOctetsTransmittedOK;
unsigned int aOctetsReceivedOK;
/* IEEE 802.3 oPausedEntity Managed Object Support */
unsigned int aTxPAUSEMACCtrlFrames;
unsigned int aRxPAUSEMACCtrlFrames;
/* IETF MIB (MIB-II) Object Support */
unsigned int ifInErrors;
unsigned int ifOutErrors;
unsigned int ifInUcastPkts;
unsigned int ifInMulticastPkts;
unsigned int ifInBroadcastPkts;
unsigned int ifOutDiscards;
unsigned int ifOutUcastPkts;
unsigned int ifOutMulticastPkts;
unsigned int ifOutBroadcastPkts;
/* IETF RMON MIB Object Support */
unsigned int etherStatsDropEvent;
unsigned int etherStatsOctets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts;
unsigned int etherStatsUndersizePkts;
unsigned int etherStatsOversizePkts;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts64Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts65to127Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts128to255Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts256to511Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts512to1023Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts1024to1518Octets;
unsigned int etherStatsPkts1519toXOctets;
unsigned int etherStatsJabbers;
unsigned int etherStatsFragments;
unsigned int reservedxE4;
/*FIFO control register. */
alt_tse_tx_cmd_stat tx_cmd_stat;
alt_tse_rx_cmd_stat rx_cmd_stat;
unsigned int ipaccTxConf;
unsigned int ipaccRxConf;
unsigned int ipaccRxStat;
unsigned int ipaccRxStatSum;
/*Multicast address resolution table */
unsigned int hash_table[64];
/*Registers 0 to 31 within PHY device 0/1 */
struct alt_tse_mdio mdio_phy0;
struct alt_tse_mdio mdio_phy1;
/*4 Supplemental MAC Addresses */
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_0_0;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_0_1;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_1_0;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_1_1;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_2_0;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_2_1;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_3_0;
unsigned int supp_mac_addr_3_1;
unsigned int reservedx320[56];
/* flags: TSE MII modes */
/* GMII/MII = 0 */
/* RGMII = 1 */
/* RGMII_ID = 2 */
/* RGMII_TXID = 3 */
/* RGMII_RXID = 4 */
/* SGMII = 5 */
struct altera_tse_priv {
char devname[16];
volatile struct alt_tse_mac *mac_dev;
volatile struct alt_sgdma_registers *sgdma_rx;
volatile struct alt_sgdma_registers *sgdma_tx;
unsigned int rx_sgdma_irq;
unsigned int tx_sgdma_irq;
unsigned int has_descriptor_mem;
unsigned int descriptor_mem_base;
unsigned int descriptor_mem_size;
volatile struct alt_sgdma_descriptor *rx_desc;
volatile struct alt_sgdma_descriptor *tx_desc;
volatile unsigned char *rx_buf;
struct phy_info *phyinfo;
unsigned int phyaddr;
unsigned int flags;
unsigned int link;
unsigned int duplexity;
unsigned int speed;
/* Phy stuff continued */
* struct phy_cmd: A command for reading or writing a PHY register
* mii_reg: The register to read or write
* mii_data: For writes, the value to put in the register.
* A value of -1 indicates this is a read.
* funct: A function pointer which is invoked for each command.
* For reads, this function will be passed the value read
* from the PHY, and process it.
* For writes, the result of this function will be written
* to the PHY register
struct phy_cmd {
uint mii_reg;
uint mii_data;
uint(*funct) (uint mii_reg, struct altera_tse_priv *priv);
#endif /* _ALTERA_TSE_H_ */