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by Han, Jeanine, and Mary (maintainers@mathquill.com)

MathQuill is a web formula editor designed to make typing math easy and beautiful.

This fork of MathQuill is specifically configured for the needs of the calculator project:


In particular, we have merged the matrix support by Learnosity (https://github.com/Learnosity/mathquill), and have deleted all development branches not relevant to the calculator project.

We do not promise to support all features supported by https://github.com/mathquill/mathquill. Please refer to https://github.com/mathquill/mathquill for up-to-date information on the mathquill project. If you are interested in this fork, please post your issues at the calculator project page https://github.com/tmilev/calculator.

The MathQuill project is supported by its partners. We hold ourselves to a compassionate Code of Conduct.

MathQuill is resuming active development and we‘re committed to getting things running smoothly. Find a dusty corner? Let us know in Slack. (Prefer IRC? We’re #mathquill on Freenode.)

Getting Started

MathQuill has a simple interface. This brief example creates a MathQuill element and renders, then reads a given input:

var htmlElement = document.getElementById('some_id');
var config = {
  handlers: { edit: function(){ ... } },
  restrictMismatchedBrackets: true
var mathField = MQ.MathField(htmlElement, config);

mathField.latex('2^{\\frac{3}{2}}'); // Renders the given LaTeX in the MathQuill field
mathField.latex(); // => '2^{\\frac{3}{2}}'

Check out our Getting Started Guide for setup instructions and basic MathQuill usage.


Most documentation for MathQuill is located on ReadTheDocs.

Some older documentation still exists on the Wiki.

Open-Source License

The Source Code Form of MathQuill is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0: http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/

The quick-and-dirty is you can do whatever if modifications to MathQuill are in public GitHub forks. (Other ways to publicize modifications are also fine, as are private use modifications. See also: MPL 2.0 FAQ)