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acpicaactifioactifio/drbdactivationAll-ProjectsAccess inherited by all other projects.All-UsersbackupdrbigcodebreakpadBreakpadcefcertifichardetjchardet is a java port of the source from mozilla's automatic charset detection algorithm. The original author is Frank Tang. The original source in C++ can be found at More information can be found at chronyOpen source repository that is the source of truth for //third_party/chrony.dwh-migration-dumpereclipse-ee4j/common-annotations-apieclipselinkeigeneigen the code for the Eigen library used at Google. It is a subset of the development branch of the Eigen open source library:"eigen/fuchsiaffmpegfree_imagefuchsia-benchmarksRepository for hosting third party code related to Fuchsia benchmarkingfuzzycglassfishgolang/hashicorp/errwrapgolang/hashicorp/hclgolang/hashicorp/multierrorgolang/lrugolang/veraison/go-cosego-multierrorgoogleurlgo-scpgo-versiongrte/extensionsGRTEv4GRTEv4 is a C runtime environment used at Google. It is based on glibc 2.19.GRTEv5GRTEv5 is a C runtime environment used at Google. It is based on glibc 2.27.jacksonjava/activationjava/sun_mailjaxb-apijaxb-rijerseyMirror for the Eclipse Jersey project jettyMirror for Eclipse Jetty project: is LGPL MariaDB client library that can be used to connect to MySQL or MariaDB.MathQuillmeet/jack2meet/live555mingw-w64mozilla_pslmp4v2open64_libacml_mvopenvpnorbitpgadapterpublicsuffix/listA mirror of the Public Suffix List repositoryRR package mirror reposaas-test-frameworkshopping-listSunECswinghelpersystemdtepoterraformtinymcetldextracttypetools/checker-frameworku-bootFuchsia mirror of u-bootUnitreeLeggedRobotSDKMirror for