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Copy files over SCP with Go

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This package makes it very easy to copy files over scp in Go. It uses the golang.org/x/crypto/ssh package to establish a secure connection to a remote server in order to copy the files via the SCP protocol.

Example usage

package main

import (
	scp "github.com/bramvdbogaerde/go-scp"

func main() {
	// Use SSH key authentication from the auth package
	// we ignore the host key in this example, please change this if you use this library
	clientConfig, _ := auth.PrivateKey("username", "/path/to/rsa/key", ssh.InsecureIgnoreHostKey())

	// For other authentication methods see ssh.ClientConfig and ssh.AuthMethod

	// Create a new SCP client
	client := scp.NewClient("example.com:22", &clientConfig)

	// Connect to the remote server
	err := client.Connect()
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Println("Couldn't establish a connection to the remote server ", err)

	// Open a file
	f, _ := os.Open("/path/to/local/file")

	// Close client connection after the file has been copied
	defer client.Close()

	// Close the file after it has been copied
	defer f.Close()

	// Finaly, copy the file over
	// Usage: CopyFromFile(context, file, remotePath, permission)

        // the context can be adjusted to provide time-outs or inherit from other contexts if this is embedded in a larger application.
	err = client.CopyFromFile(context.Background(), *f, "/home/server/test.txt", "0655")

	if err != nil {
		fmt.Println("Error while copying file ", err)

Using an existing SSH connection

If you have an existing established SSH connection, you can use that instead.

func connectSSH() *ssh.Client {
   // setup SSH connection

func main() {
   sshClient := connectSSH()

   // Create a new SCP client, note that this function might
   // return an error, as a new SSH session is established using the existing connecton

   client, err := scp.NewClientBySSH(sshClient)
   if err != nil {
      fmt.Println("Error creating new SSH session from existing connection", err)

   /* .. same as above .. */

Copying Files from Remote Server

It is also possible to copy remote files using this library. The usage is similar to the example at the top of this section, except that CopyFromRemote needsto be used instead.

For a more comprehensive example, please consult the TestDownloadFile function in t he tests/basic_test.go file.


This library is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.
A copy of the license is provided in the LICENSE.txt file.

Copyright (c) 2020 Bram Vandenbogaerde