Update Eigen to commit:f3912891504ad965d5fe8bd11d7346faa69b4026

f39128915 - Fix bug in checking subnormals.
5a90fbcea - Update documentation of lapack second/dsecnd.
907982024 - Remove simple relicense script.
851b40afd - LAPACK CPU time functions.
a73970a86 - Fix arm32 issues.
580812201 - Formatting.
92f9544f6 - Remove explicit specialization of member function.
2692fb2b7 - Fix compile-time error caused by chip static asserts
2c6b61c00 - Add half and quarter vector support to HVX architecture
05a457534 - Chipping Asserts v2
fc92fe312 - SPQR: Fix build error, Index/StorageIndex mismatch.
eede526b7 - [Compressed Storage] Use smaller type of Index & StorageIndex for determining maximum size during resize.
772057c55 - Revert "Add asserts for .chip"
6163dbe2b - Allow specifying a temporary directory for fileio outputs.
6b6bb9d34 - Fix unused warnings in failtest.
f6e41e643 - Revert "Clean up stableNorm"
b1ae206ea - Add asserts for .chip
b0f906419 - add missing constexpr qualifier
34fd46a9b - Update CI with testing framework from eigen_ci_cross_testing.
b2814d53a - Fix stableNorm when input is zero-sized.
c29a41011 - check pointers before freeing
48e0c827d - [ROCm] MI300 related test support
538577301 - Fix TensorForcedEval in the case of the evaluator being copied.
3f3bc6d86 - Improve documentation of SparseLU
d33174d5a - Doc: Fix Basic slicing examples minor issues
19b119288 - Add factor getters to Cholmod LLT/LDLT
a1a96fafd - Clean up stableNorm
3026f1f29 - Fix various asan errors.
a2cf99ec6 - Fix GPU+clang+asan.
fee5d60b5 - Fix MSAN failures.
9697d481c - Fix up clang-format CI.
85efa8329 - Set up clang-format in CI
2c4541f73 - fix msvc clz
75e273afc - Add internal ctz/clz implementation.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 601659527
Change-Id: I52089e61fd81692bb2147f7d15ad98eb56da27c1
42 files changed