Update Eigen to commit:42aa3d17cd27ecdfa34b81100314749f72c00256

42aa3d17c - Slightly adjust error bound for nonlinear tests.
1c8c734c8 - Fix sin/cos on PPC.
34967b0b5 - Revert "fix transposed matrix product bug"
9cec679ef - Don't let the PPC runner try to cross-compile.
574bc8820 - fix transposed matrix product bug
112ad8b84 - Revert part of !1583, which may cause underflow on ARM.
8cafbc473 - Fix unused variable warnings in TensorIO
4de870b6e - fix autodiff enum comparison warnings
2265242aa - Update CI scripts.
ee9d57347 - Fix `tridiagonalization_inplace_selector::run()` when called from CUDA
1550c9954 - Eigen select

PiperOrigin-RevId: 628474184
Change-Id: I9f5a69fd4ad6d7c65a5deccfc669047656d84536
10 files changed