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Project description

Jetty is a lightweight highly scalable java based web server and servlet engine. Our goal is to support web protocols like HTTP, HTTP/2 and WebSocket in a high volume low latency way that provides maximum performance while retaining the ease of use and compatibility with years of servlet development. Jetty is a modern fully async web server that has a long history as a component oriented technology easily embedded into applications while still offering a solid traditional distribution for webapp deployment.


Project documentation is available on the Jetty Eclipse website.


To build, use:

  mvn clean install

The Jetty distribution will be built in jetty-distribution/target/distribution.

The first build may take a longer than expected as Maven downloads all the dependencies.

The build tests do a lot of stress testing, and on some machines it is necessary to set the file descriptor limit to greater than 2048 for the tests to all pass successfully.

It is possible to bypass tests by building with mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install but note that this will not produce some of the test jars that are leveraged in other places in the build.

Professional Services

Expert advice and production support are available through Webtide.com.