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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can
// be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "libcef/common/cef_switches.h"
namespace switches {
// Severity of messages to log.
const char kLogSeverity[] = "log-severity";
const char kLogSeverity_Verbose[] = "verbose";
const char kLogSeverity_Info[] = "info";
const char kLogSeverity_Warning[] = "warning";
const char kLogSeverity_Error[] = "error";
const char kLogSeverity_Fatal[] = "fatal";
const char kLogSeverity_Disable[] = "disable";
// Path to resources directory.
const char kResourcesDirPath[] = "resources-dir-path";
// Path to locales directory.
const char kLocalesDirPath[] = "locales-dir-path";
// Path to locales directory.
const char kDisablePackLoading[] = "disable-pack-loading";
// Stack size for uncaught exceptions.
const char kUncaughtExceptionStackSize[] = "uncaught-exception-stack-size";
// Default encoding.
const char kDefaultEncoding[] = "default-encoding";
// Disable JavaScript.
const char kDisableJavascript[] = "disable-javascript";
// Disable closing of windows via JavaScript.
const char kDisableJavascriptCloseWindows[] =
// Disable clipboard access via JavaScript.
const char kDisableJavascriptAccessClipboard[] =
// Disable DOM paste via JavaScript execCommand("paste").
const char kDisableJavascriptDomPaste[] = "disable-javascript-dom-paste";
// Allow universal access from file URLs.
const char kAllowUniversalAccessFromFileUrls[] =
// Disable loading of images from the network. A cached image will still be
// rendered if requested.
const char kDisableImageLoading[] = "disable-image-loading";
// Shrink stand-alone images to fit.
const char kImageShrinkStandaloneToFit[] = "image-shrink-standalone-to-fit";
// Disable resizing of text areas.
const char kDisableTextAreaResize[] = "disable-text-area-resize";
// Disable using the tab key to advance focus to links.
const char kDisableTabToLinks[] = "disable-tab-to-links";
// Disable plugins.
const char kDisablePlugins[] = "disable-plugins";
// Persist session cookies.
const char kPersistSessionCookies[] = "persist-session-cookies";
// Persist user preferences.
const char kPersistUserPreferences[] = "persist-user-preferences";
// Enable media (WebRTC audio/video) streaming.
const char kEnableMediaStream[] = "enable-media-stream";
// Enable speech input (x-webkit-speech).
const char kEnableSpeechInput[] = "enable-speech-input";
// Enable the speech input profanity filter.
const char kEnableProfanityFilter[] = "enable-profanity-filter";
// Disable spell checking.
const char kDisableSpellChecking[] = "disable-spell-checking";
// Enable the remote spelling service.
const char kEnableSpellingService[] = "enable-spelling-service";
// Override the default spellchecking language which comes from locales.pak.
const char kOverrideSpellCheckLang[] = "override-spell-check-lang";
// Enable detection and use of a system-wide Pepper Flash install.
const char kEnableSystemFlash[] = "enable-system-flash";
// Disable scroll bounce (rubber-banding) on OS X Lion and newer.
const char kDisableScrollBounce[] = "disable-scroll-bounce";
// Disable the PDF extension.
const char kDisablePdfExtension[] = "disable-pdf-extension";
// Path to Widevine CDM binaries.
const char kWidevineCdmPath[] = "widevine-cdm-path";
// Default plugin policy action.
const char kPluginPolicy[] = "plugin-policy";
// Allow the content. This is the default value.
const char kPluginPolicy_Allow[] = "allow";
// Allow important content and block unimportant content based on heuristics.
// The user can manually load blocked content.
const char kPluginPolicy_Detect[] = "detect";
// Block the content. The user can manually load blocked content.
const char kPluginPolicy_Block[] = "block";
// Expose preferences used only by unit tests.
const char kEnablePreferenceTesting[] = "enable-preference-testing";
// Enable print preview.
const char kEnablePrintPreview[] = "enable-print-preview";
// Disable the timeout for delivering new browser info to the renderer process.
const char kDisableNewBrowserInfoTimeout[] = "disable-new-browser-info-timeout";
// File used for logging DevTools protocol messages.
const char kDevToolsProtocolLogFile[] = "devtools-protocol-log-file";
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Path to the framework directory.
const char kFrameworkDirPath[] = "framework-dir-path";
const char kMainBundlePath[] = "main-bundle-path";
} // namespace switches