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// Copyright (c) 2020 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that
// can be found in the LICENSE file.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This file was generated by the CEF translator tool. If making changes by
// hand only do so within the body of existing method and function
// implementations. See the translator.README.txt file in the tools directory
// for more information.
// $hash=7276d243be0acdd65e29503571afcc55d6eb00fd$
#pragma once
#error This file can be included wrapper-side only
#include "include/capi/cef_navigation_entry_capi.h"
#include "include/cef_navigation_entry.h"
#include "libcef_dll/ctocpp/ctocpp_ref_counted.h"
// Wrap a C structure with a C++ class.
// This class may be instantiated and accessed wrapper-side only.
class CefNavigationEntryCToCpp
: public CefCToCppRefCounted<CefNavigationEntryCToCpp,
cef_navigation_entry_t> {
virtual ~CefNavigationEntryCToCpp();
// CefNavigationEntry methods.
bool IsValid() OVERRIDE;
CefString GetURL() OVERRIDE;
CefString GetDisplayURL() OVERRIDE;
CefString GetOriginalURL() OVERRIDE;
CefString GetTitle() OVERRIDE;
TransitionType GetTransitionType() OVERRIDE;
bool HasPostData() OVERRIDE;
CefTime GetCompletionTime() OVERRIDE;
int GetHttpStatusCode() OVERRIDE;
CefRefPtr<CefSSLStatus> GetSSLStatus() OVERRIDE;