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diff --git base/ base/
index ecca445840a8..9cde6ece0000 100644
--- base/
+++ base/
@@ -24,20 +24,6 @@
namespace base {
-// base::Value must be standard layout to guarantee that writing to
-// |bool_type_| then reading |type_| is defined behaviour. See:
-// [class.union]:
-// If a standard-layout union contains several standard-layout structs that
-// share a common initial sequence (9.2), and if an object of this
-// standard-layout union type contains one of the standard-layout structs,
-// it is permitted to inspect the common initial sequence of any of
-// standard-layout struct members;
- "base::Value should be a standard-layout C++ class in order "
- "to avoid undefined behaviour in its implementation!");
static_assert(sizeof(Value::DoubleStorage) == sizeof(double),
"The double and DoubleStorage types should have the same size");