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// Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that
// can be found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "include/base/cef_bind.h"
#include "include/base/cef_ref_counted.h"
#include "include/cef_image.h"
#include "include/wrapper/cef_closure_task.h"
#include "include/wrapper/cef_helpers.h"
namespace client {
// Simple image caching implementation.
class ImageCache
: public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<ImageCache, CefDeleteOnUIThread> {
// Image representation at a specific scale factor.
struct ImageRep {
ImageRep(const std::string& path, float scale_factor);
// Full file system path.
std::string path_;
// Image scale factor (usually 1.0f or 2.0f).
float scale_factor_;
typedef std::vector<ImageRep> ImageRepSet;
// Unique image that may have multiple representations.
struct ImageInfo {
ImageInfo(const std::string& id,
const ImageRepSet& reps,
bool internal,
bool force_reload);
// Helper for returning an empty image.
static ImageInfo Empty();
// Helpers for creating common representations.
static ImageInfo Create1x(const std::string& id,
const std::string& path_1x,
bool internal);
static ImageInfo Create2x(const std::string& id,
const std::string& path_1x,
const std::string& path_2x,
bool internal);
static ImageInfo Create2x(const std::string& id);
// Image unique ID.
std::string id_;
// Image representations to load.
ImageRepSet reps_;
// True if the image is internal (loaded via LoadBinaryResource).
bool internal_;
// True to force reload.
bool force_reload_;
typedef std::vector<ImageInfo> ImageInfoSet;
typedef std::vector<CefRefPtr<CefImage>> ImageSet;
typedef base::Callback<void(const ImageSet& /*images*/)> LoadImagesCallback;
// Loads the images represented by |image_info|. Executes |callback|
// either synchronously or asychronously on the UI thread after completion.
void LoadImages(const ImageInfoSet& image_info,
const LoadImagesCallback& callback);
// Returns an image that has already been cached. Must be called on the
// UI thread.
CefRefPtr<CefImage> GetCachedImage(const std::string& image_id);
// Only allow deletion via scoped_refptr.
friend struct CefDeleteOnThread<TID_UI>;
friend class base::RefCountedThreadSafe<ImageCache, CefDeleteOnUIThread>;
enum ImageType {
static ImageType GetImageType(const std::string& path);
struct ImageContent;
typedef std::vector<ImageContent> ImageContentSet;
// Load missing image contents on the FILE thread.
void LoadMissing(const ImageInfoSet& image_info,
const ImageSet& images,
const LoadImagesCallback& callback);
static bool LoadImageContents(const ImageInfo& info, ImageContent* content);
static bool LoadImageContents(const std::string& path,
bool internal,
ImageType* type,
std::string* contents);
// Create missing CefImage representations on the UI thread.
void UpdateCache(const ImageInfoSet& image_info,
const ImageContentSet& contents,
const LoadImagesCallback& callback);
static CefRefPtr<CefImage> CreateImage(const std::string& image_id,
const ImageContent& content);
// Map image ID to image representation. Only accessed on the UI thread.
typedef std::map<std::string, CefRefPtr<CefImage>> ImageMap;
ImageMap image_map_;
} // namespace client