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// Copyright (c) 2015 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that
// can be found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <string>
#include "include/base/cef_ref_counted.h"
#include "include/internal/cef_types_wrappers.h"
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/osr_renderer_settings.h"
namespace client {
class RootWindowManager;
// Used to store global context in the browser process. The methods of this
// class are thread-safe unless otherwise indicated.
class MainContext {
// Returns the singleton instance of this object.
static MainContext* Get();
// Returns the full path to the console log file.
virtual std::string GetConsoleLogPath() = 0;
// Returns the full path to |file_name|.
virtual std::string GetDownloadPath(const std::string& file_name) = 0;
// Returns the app working directory including trailing path separator.
virtual std::string GetAppWorkingDirectory() = 0;
// Returns the main application URL.
virtual std::string GetMainURL() = 0;
// Returns the background color.
virtual cef_color_t GetBackgroundColor() = 0;
// Returns true if the Views framework will be used.
virtual bool UseViews() = 0;
// Returns true if windowless (off-screen) rendering will be used.
virtual bool UseWindowlessRendering() = 0;
// Returns true if touch events are enabled.
virtual bool TouchEventsEnabled() = 0;
// Populate |settings| based on command-line arguments.
virtual void PopulateSettings(CefSettings* settings) = 0;
virtual void PopulateBrowserSettings(CefBrowserSettings* settings) = 0;
virtual void PopulateOsrSettings(OsrRendererSettings* settings) = 0;
// Returns the object used to create/manage RootWindow instances.
virtual RootWindowManager* GetRootWindowManager() = 0;
virtual ~MainContext();
} // namespace client