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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. Portions copyright
// 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is
// governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <windows.h>
#include <vector>
#include "include/internal/cef_types_wrappers.h"
namespace client {
// Handles IME for the native parent window that hosts an off-screen browser.
// This object is only accessed on the CEF UI thread.
class OsrImeHandlerWin {
explicit OsrImeHandlerWin(HWND hwnd);
virtual ~OsrImeHandlerWin();
// Retrieves whether or not there is an ongoing composition.
bool is_composing() const { return is_composing_; }
// Retrieves the input language from Windows and update it.
void SetInputLanguage();
// Creates the IME caret windows if required.
void CreateImeWindow();
// Destroys the IME caret windows.
void DestroyImeWindow();
// Cleans up the all resources attached to the given IMM32Manager object, and
// reset its composition status.
void CleanupComposition();
// Resets the composition status and cancels the ongoing composition.
void ResetComposition();
// Retrieves a composition result of the ongoing composition if it exists.
bool GetResult(LPARAM lparam, CefString& result);
// Retrieves the current composition status of the ongoing composition.
// Includes composition text, underline information and selection range in the
// composition text. IMM32 does not support char selection.
bool GetComposition(LPARAM lparam,
CefString& composition_text,
std::vector<CefCompositionUnderline>& underlines,
int& composition_start);
// Enables the IME attached to the given window.
virtual void EnableIME();
// Disables the IME attached to the given window.
virtual void DisableIME();
// Cancels an ongoing composition of the IME.
virtual void CancelIME();
// Updates the IME caret position of the given window.
void UpdateCaretPosition(int index);
// Updates the composition range. |selected_range| is the range of characters
// that have been selected. |character_bounds| is the bounds of each character
// in view device coordinates.
void ChangeCompositionRange(const CefRange& selection_range,
const std::vector<CefRect>& character_bounds);
// Updates the position of the IME windows.
void MoveImeWindow();
// Retrieves the composition information.
void GetCompositionInfo(HIMC imm_context,
LPARAM lparam,
CefString& composition_text,
std::vector<CefCompositionUnderline>& underlines,
int& composition_start);
// Retrieves a string from the IMM.
bool GetString(HIMC imm_context, WPARAM lparam, int type, CefString& result);
// Represents whether or not there is an ongoing composition.
bool is_composing_;
// The current composition character range and its bounds.
std::vector<CefRect> composition_bounds_;
// The current input Language ID retrieved from Windows -
// used for processing language-specific operations in IME.
LANGID input_language_id_;
// Represents whether or not the current input context has created a system
// caret to set the position of its IME candidate window.
bool system_caret_;
// The rectangle of the input caret retrieved from a renderer process.
CefRect ime_rect_;
// The current cursor index in composition string.
int cursor_index_;
// The composition range in the string. This may be used to determine the
// offset in composition bounds.
CefRange composition_range_;
// Hwnd associated with this instance.
HWND hwnd_;
} // namespace client