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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Embedded Framework Authors. All rights
// reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that
// can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "include/base/cef_bind.h"
#include "include/wrapper/cef_stream_resource_handler.h"
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/main_context.h"
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/test_runner.h"
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test_runner.h"
#if defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_LINUX)
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test_runner_views.h"
#if defined(OS_WIN)
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test_runner_win.h"
#elif defined(OS_LINUX)
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test_runner_gtk.h"
#elif defined(OS_MACOSX)
#include "tests/cefclient/browser/window_test_runner_mac.h"
namespace client {
namespace window_test {
namespace {
const char kTestUrlPath[] = "/window";
const char kMessagePositionName[] = "WindowTest.Position";
const char kMessageMinimizeName[] = "WindowTest.Minimize";
const char kMessageMaximizeName[] = "WindowTest.Maximize";
const char kMessageRestoreName[] = "WindowTest.Restore";
// Create the appropriate platform test runner object.
scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner> CreateWindowTestRunner() {
#if defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_LINUX)
if (MainContext::Get()->UseViews())
return scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner>(new WindowTestRunnerViews());
#if defined(OS_WIN)
return scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner>(new WindowTestRunnerWin());
#elif defined(OS_LINUX)
return scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner>(new WindowTestRunnerGtk());
#elif defined(OS_MACOSX)
return scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner>(new WindowTestRunnerMac());
#error "No implementation available for your platform."
// Handle messages in the browser process.
class Handler : public CefMessageRouterBrowserSide::Handler {
Handler() : runner_(CreateWindowTestRunner()) {}
// Called due to cefBroadcast execution in window.html.
virtual bool OnQuery(CefRefPtr<CefBrowser> browser,
CefRefPtr<CefFrame> frame,
int64 query_id,
const CefString& request,
bool persistent,
CefRefPtr<Callback> callback) OVERRIDE {
// Only handle messages from the test URL.
const std::string& url = frame->GetURL();
if (!test_runner::IsTestURL(url, kTestUrlPath))
return false;
const std::string& message_name = request;
if (message_name.find(kMessagePositionName) == 0) {
// Parse the comma-delimited list of integer values.
std::vector<int> vec;
const std::string& vals =
std::stringstream ss(vals);
int i;
while (ss >> i) {
if (ss.peek() == ',')
if (vec.size() == 4) {
// Execute SetPos() on the main thread.
runner_->SetPos(browser, vec[0], vec[1], vec[2], vec[3]);
} else if (message_name == kMessageMinimizeName) {
// Execute Minimize() on the main thread.
} else if (message_name == kMessageMaximizeName) {
// Execute Maximize() on the main thread.
} else if (message_name == kMessageRestoreName) {
// Execute Restore() on the main thread.
} else {
return true;
scoped_ptr<WindowTestRunner> runner_;
} // namespace
void CreateMessageHandlers(test_runner::MessageHandlerSet& handlers) {
handlers.insert(new Handler());
} // namespace window_test
} // namespace client