Update Eigen to commit:2a9055b50ed22101da7d77e999b90ed50956fe0b

2a9055b50 - Fix random for custom scalars that don't have constexpr digits().
500a3602f - Use traits<Matrix>::Options instead of Matrix::Options.
0b9ca1159 - Fix deflation in BDCSVD.
f40ad38fd - Fix failure on ARM with latest compilers.
a24bf2e9a - Disable float16 packet casting if native AVX512 f16 is available.
5361dea83 - Remove return int types from BLAS/LAPACK functions.
7e655c9a5 - Fixes 2780
6ea33f95d - Eliminate warning about writing bytes directly to non-trivial type.
06b45905e - Remove r_cnjg due to conflicts with f2c.
9229cfa82 - Fix division by zero  UB in packet size logic.
186f8205d - Apply clang-format to lapack/blas directories
4eac211e9 - Fix C++20 error, Arithmetic between different enumeration types
d1d87973f - Fix segfault in CholmodBase::factorize() for zero matrix
7b87b2191 - Fix UB in bool packetmath test.
431e4a913 - Fix the fuzz
3ab8f4825 - fix tests when scalar is bfloat16, half
3ebaab8a6 - Fix PPC rand and other failures.
ebd13c3b1 - fix skew symmetric test
128c8abf4 - Fix gcc-6 bug in the rand test.
d626762e3 - improve random
a9ddab3e0 - Fix a bunch of ODR violations.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 609443252
Change-Id: Iddb4afa1b81a173975c2ef3771fc4b08683fdbdc
92 files changed