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default: test
# test runs the test suite and vets the code.
test: generate
@echo "==> Running tests..."
@go list $(TEST) \
| grep -v "/vendor/" \
| xargs -n1 go test -timeout=60s -parallel=10 ${TESTARGS}
# testrace runs the race checker
testrace: generate
@echo "==> Running tests (race)..."
@go list $(TEST) \
| grep -v "/vendor/" \
| xargs -n1 go test -timeout=60s -race ${TESTARGS}
# updatedeps installs all the dependencies needed to run and build.
@sh -c "'${CURDIR}/scripts/' '${NAME}'"
# generate runs `go generate` to build the dynamically generated source files.
@echo "==> Generating..."
@find . -type f -name '.DS_Store' -delete
@go list ./... \
| grep -v "/vendor/" \
| xargs -n1 go generate
.PHONY: default test testrace updatedeps generate