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package multierror
import (
// ErrorFormatFunc is a function callback that is called by Error to
// turn the list of errors into a string.
type ErrorFormatFunc func([]error) string
// ListFormatFunc is a basic formatter that outputs the number of errors
// that occurred along with a bullet point list of the errors.
func ListFormatFunc(es []error) string {
if len(es) == 1 {
return fmt.Sprintf("1 error occurred:\n\t* %s\n\n", es[0])
points := make([]string, len(es))
for i, err := range es {
points[i] = fmt.Sprintf("* %s", err)
return fmt.Sprintf(
"%d errors occurred:\n\t%s\n\n",
len(es), strings.Join(points, "\n\t"))