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/* Copyright (c) 2020 Bram Vandenbogaerde
* You may use, distribute or modify this code under the
* terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0, which is distributed
* along with the source code.
package scp
import (
// A struct containing all the configuration options
// used by an scp client.
type ClientConfigurer struct {
host string
clientConfig *ssh.ClientConfig
session *ssh.Session
timeout time.Duration
remoteBinary string
// Creates a new client configurer.
// It takes the required parameters: the host and the ssh.ClientConfig and
// returns a configurer populated with the default values for the optional
// parameters.
// These optional parameters can be set by using the methods provided on the
// ClientConfigurer struct.
func NewConfigurer(host string, config *ssh.ClientConfig) *ClientConfigurer {
return &ClientConfigurer{
host: host,
clientConfig: config,
timeout: time.Minute,
remoteBinary: "scp",
// Sets the path of the location of the remote scp binary
// Defaults to: /usr/bin/scp
func (c *ClientConfigurer) RemoteBinary(path string) *ClientConfigurer {
c.remoteBinary = path
return c
// Alters the host of the client connects to
func (c *ClientConfigurer) Host(host string) *ClientConfigurer { = host
return c
// Changes the connection timeout.
// Defaults to one minute
func (c *ClientConfigurer) Timeout(timeout time.Duration) *ClientConfigurer {
c.timeout = timeout
return c
// Alters the ssh.ClientConfig
func (c *ClientConfigurer) ClientConfig(config *ssh.ClientConfig) *ClientConfigurer {
c.clientConfig = config
return c
// Alters the ssh.Session
func (c *ClientConfigurer) Session(session *ssh.Session) *ClientConfigurer {
c.session = session
return c
// Builds a client with the configuration stored within the ClientConfigurer
func (c *ClientConfigurer) Create() Client {
return Client{
ClientConfig: c.clientConfig,
Timeout: c.timeout,
RemoteBinary: c.remoteBinary,
Session: c.session,