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package simplelru
// LRUCache is the interface for simple LRU cache.
type LRUCache interface {
// Adds a value to the cache, returns true if an eviction occurred and
// updates the "recently used"-ness of the key.
Add(key, value interface{}) bool
// Returns key's value from the cache and
// updates the "recently used"-ness of the key. #value, isFound
Get(key interface{}) (value interface{}, ok bool)
// Check if a key exsists in cache without updating the recent-ness.
Contains(key interface{}) (ok bool)
// Returns key's value without updating the "recently used"-ness of the key.
Peek(key interface{}) (value interface{}, ok bool)
// Removes a key from the cache.
Remove(key interface{}) bool
// Removes the oldest entry from cache.
RemoveOldest() (interface{}, interface{}, bool)
// Returns the oldest entry from the cache. #key, value, isFound
GetOldest() (interface{}, interface{}, bool)
// Returns a slice of the keys in the cache, from oldest to newest.
Keys() []interface{}
// Returns the number of items in the cache.
Len() int
// Clear all cache entries