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Version: 6e0744b15b09421eac6634fb3fb7fe0a03427d56 (matching Chromium 41.0.2272.118)
License: BSD, MPL, ICU (one source file under MPL, one source file under ICU)
License File: LICENSE
A small library for parsing and canonicalizing URLs
Local Modifications:
1. src/base directory:
- Remove BASE_EXPORT macros.
- Wrap namespace base with namespace url to distinguish from google3 base.
- src/base/strings/string16.*
* Include src/build/build_config.h to detect wchar_t size.
* PrintTo function and operator << are removed to eliminate dependency on
- src/base/strings/string_util.*
* Only one MatchPattern function is kept for src/url/
* Change the argument type from StringPiece to std::string to remove
dependency on google3 StringPiece.
- src/base/third_party/icu/
* Add FALLTHROUGH_INTENDED for fall-through switch cases.
2. src/url directory:
- Use google3 version of //base, //util/gtl/lazy_static_ptr.h
//third_party/icu and //testing/base/public:gunit_main. Some users don't want
googleurl to be dependent on google3 (e.g. geo/render/mirth/net:googleurl),
so we try our best to do it.
- src/url/
* Replace scoped_ptr with std::unique_ptr to eliminate dependency on google3
- src/url/
* Replace LazyInstance with google3 LazyStaticPtr, modify intialization
and access methods accordingly.
- src/url/
* Replace ANNOTATE_LEAKING_OBJECT_PTR() with google3
HeapLeakChecker::IgnoreObject(), and only use it when GOOGLEURL_IN_GOOGLE3
is defined.
- src/url/url_canon_internal.h
* Expand NOT_REACHED() as DCHECK(false).
- src/url/url_canon_icu.h and src/url/url_canon_stdstring.h
* Remove the include of src/base/compiler_specific.h.
- src/url/third_party/mozilla/
* Compile filesystemurl related function only when NO_FILESYSTEMURL_SUPPORT
is not defined, so that
wireless/android/icing/lib/core:liburl_parse_icing_static doesn't need to
depend on other googleurl srcs as well as third_party/icu.
3. google3_addidions directory:
2014-07-30: added google3_additions/, which properly
initializes googleurl during InitGoogle().