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Version: Snapshot of Subversion trunk, revision [7]
License: BSD and MPL (one source file under MPL)
License File: googleurl/LICENSE.txt
A small library for parsing and canonicalizing URLs
Local Modifications:
We use our google3 versions of //base (which is a superset of the base/
functionality in googleurl), and ICU. These are both injected through BUILD
and don't require source modifications.
We use //depot/google3/third_party/breakpad/
to ease synchronization of this Perforce mirror with the authoritative
Subversion repository. When using this script, don't forget to update this
file,, to reflect the Subversion revision being imported.
Because googleurl uses include paths like "googleurl/src/header.h", the source
is located in a googleurl subdirectory under this directory. This allows
the paths to work correctly without adding //third_party to the include path.