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// Copyright (c) HashiCorp, Inc.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
package api
// NOTE: this file was copied from
// Any changes made should be made to both files at the same time.
import "fmt"
var PluginTypes = []PluginType{
type PluginType uint32
// This is a list of PluginTypes used by Vault.
// If we need to add any in the future, it would
// be best to add them to the _end_ of the list below
// because they resolve to incrementing numbers,
// which may be saved in state somewhere. Thus if
// the name for one of those numbers changed because
// a value were added to the middle, that could cause
// the wrong plugin types to be read from storage
// for a given underlying number. Example of the problem
// here:
const (
PluginTypeUnknown PluginType = iota
func (p PluginType) String() string {
switch p {
case PluginTypeUnknown:
return "unknown"
case PluginTypeCredential:
return "auth"
case PluginTypeDatabase:
return "database"
case PluginTypeSecrets:
return "secret"
return "unsupported"
func ParsePluginType(pluginType string) (PluginType, error) {
switch pluginType {
case "unknown":
return PluginTypeUnknown, nil
case "auth":
return PluginTypeCredential, nil
case "database":
return PluginTypeDatabase, nil
case "secret":
return PluginTypeSecrets, nil
return PluginTypeUnknown, fmt.Errorf("%q is not a supported plugin type", pluginType)