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package postgresql
import "fmt"
// passwordAuthentication determines whether to send passwords in plaintext (password) or hashed (scram-sha-256).
type passwordAuthentication string
var (
// passwordAuthenticationPassword is the default. If set, passwords will be sent to PostgreSQL in plain text.
passwordAuthenticationPassword passwordAuthentication = "password"
passwordAuthenticationSCRAMSHA256 passwordAuthentication = "scram-sha-256"
var passwordAuthentications = map[passwordAuthentication]struct{}{
passwordAuthenticationSCRAMSHA256: {},
passwordAuthenticationPassword: {},
func parsePasswordAuthentication(s string) (passwordAuthentication, error) {
if _, ok := passwordAuthentications[passwordAuthentication(s)]; !ok {
return "", fmt.Errorf("'%s' is not a valid password authentication type", s)
return passwordAuthentication(s), nil