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// Copyright (c) HashiCorp, Inc.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
package dbplugin
import (
// handshakeConfigs are used to just do a basic handshake between
// a plugin and host. If the handshake fails, a user friendly error is shown.
// This prevents users from executing bad plugins or executing a plugin
// directory. It is a UX feature, not a security feature.
var HandshakeConfig = plugin.HandshakeConfig{
MagicCookieValue: "926a0820-aea2-be28-51d6-83cdf00e8edb",
// Factory is the factory function to create a dbplugin Database.
type Factory func() (interface{}, error)
type GRPCDatabasePlugin struct {
FactoryFunc Factory
Impl Database
// Embeding this will disable the netRPC protocol
var (
_ plugin.Plugin = &GRPCDatabasePlugin{}
_ plugin.GRPCPlugin = &GRPCDatabasePlugin{}
func (d GRPCDatabasePlugin) GRPCServer(_ *plugin.GRPCBroker, s *grpc.Server) error {
var server gRPCServer
if d.Impl != nil {
server = gRPCServer{singleImpl: d.Impl}
} else {
// multiplexing is supported
server = gRPCServer{
factoryFunc: d.FactoryFunc,
instances: make(map[string]Database),
// Multiplexing is enabled for this plugin, register the server so we
// can tell the client in Vault.
pluginutil.RegisterPluginMultiplexingServer(s, pluginutil.PluginMultiplexingServerImpl{
Supported: true,
proto.RegisterDatabaseServer(s, &server)
logical.RegisterPluginVersionServer(s, &server)
return nil
func (GRPCDatabasePlugin) GRPCClient(doneCtx context.Context, _ *plugin.GRPCBroker, c *grpc.ClientConn) (interface{}, error) {
client := gRPCClient{
client: proto.NewDatabaseClient(c),
versionClient: logical.NewPluginVersionClient(c),
doneCtx: doneCtx,
return client, nil