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// Copyright (c) HashiCorp, Inc.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
package logical
import "errors"
var (
// ErrUnsupportedOperation is returned if the operation is not supported
// by the logical backend.
ErrUnsupportedOperation = errors.New("unsupported operation")
// ErrUnsupportedPath is returned if the path is not supported
// by the logical backend.
ErrUnsupportedPath = errors.New("unsupported path")
// ErrInvalidRequest is returned if the request is invalid
ErrInvalidRequest = errors.New("invalid request")
// ErrPermissionDenied is returned if the client is not authorized
ErrPermissionDenied = errors.New("permission denied")
// ErrInvalidCredentials is returned when the provided credentials are incorrect
// This is used internally for user lockout purposes. This is not seen externally.
// The status code returned does not change because of this error
ErrInvalidCredentials = errors.New("invalid credentials")
// ErrMultiAuthzPending is returned if the the request needs more
// authorizations
ErrMultiAuthzPending = errors.New("request needs further approval")
// ErrUpstreamRateLimited is returned when Vault receives a rate limited
// response from an upstream
ErrUpstreamRateLimited = errors.New("upstream rate limited")
// ErrPerfStandbyForward is returned when Vault is in a state such that a
// perf standby cannot satisfy a request
ErrPerfStandbyPleaseForward = errors.New("please forward to the active node")
// ErrLeaseCountQuotaExceeded is returned when a request is rejected due to a lease
// count quota being exceeded.
ErrLeaseCountQuotaExceeded = errors.New("lease count quota exceeded")
// ErrRateLimitQuotaExceeded is returned when a request is rejected due to a
// rate limit quota being exceeded.
ErrRateLimitQuotaExceeded = errors.New("rate limit quota exceeded")
// ErrUnrecoverable is returned when a request fails due to something that
// is likely to require manual intervention. This is a generic form of an
// unrecoverable error.
// e.g.: misconfigured or disconnected storage backend.
ErrUnrecoverable = errors.New("unrecoverable error")
// ErrMissingRequiredState is returned when a request can't be satisfied
// with the data in the local node's storage, based on the provided
// X-Vault-Index request header.
ErrMissingRequiredState = errors.New("required index state not present")
// Error indicating that the requested path used to serve a purpose in older
// versions, but the functionality has now been removed
ErrPathFunctionalityRemoved = errors.New("functionality on this path has been removed")
type HTTPCodedError interface {
Error() string
Code() int
func CodedError(status int, msg string) HTTPCodedError {
return &codedError{
Status: status,
Message: msg,
var _ HTTPCodedError = (*codedError)(nil)
type codedError struct {
Status int
Message string
func (e *codedError) Error() string {
return e.Message
func (e *codedError) Code() int {
return e.Status
// Struct to identify user input errors. This is helpful in responding the
// appropriate status codes to clients from the HTTP endpoints.
type StatusBadRequest struct {
Err string
// Implementing error interface
func (s *StatusBadRequest) Error() string {
return s.Err
// This is a new type declared to not cause potential compatibility problems if
// the logic around the CodedError changes; in particular for logical request
// paths it is basically ignored, and changing that behavior might cause
// unforeseen issues.
type ReplicationCodedError struct {
Msg string
Code int
func (r *ReplicationCodedError) Error() string {
return r.Msg
type KeyNotFoundError struct {
Err error
func (e *KeyNotFoundError) WrappedErrors() []error {
return []error{e.Err}
func (e *KeyNotFoundError) Error() string {
return e.Err.Error()