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Here are people who have contributed to Jackson JSON process development:
(version numbers in brackets indicate release in which the problem was fixed)
Tatu Saloranta, author
Ryan Heaton, co-author
Peter Harris, contributor
Sunny Gleason, contributor
Alain Penders:
* Reported problem with JavaTypeMapper, where floating point numbers were
accidentally converted to Booleans.
Mike Eastey:
* Reported problem with JavaTypeMapper had a bug which prevented custom
mappers (as well as slower interface-based introspection) from working,
provided path to specific underlying bugs.
Augusto Callejas:
* Reported problem with JavaTypeMapper (and JsonTypeMapper), which
caused read operation not to handle EOF appropriately but instead
cause a NullPointerException.
Maciej Pestka:
* JavaTypeMapper did not implicitly flush generator after mapping
objects: it should, and now will (note: JsonTypeMapper not directly
affected, flushing still needed)
Tudor Bosman:
* Symbol table handling not thread-safe
Michael Mangeng:
* Suggested [JACKSON-1]: make JsonNode implement Iterable<JsonNode> to
allow use of Java 5 foreach loop with container nodes.
Johannes Link:
* Reported [JACKSON-8]: Serialization of BigDecimal broken with JavaTypeMapper
Stanislaw Osinski:
* Reported [JACKSON-14], contributed code to resolve it and improve
generics-handling significantly.
Michael Descher:
* Reported [JACKSON-18], ArrayIndexOutOfBounds on IntNode, due to
off-by-one problem with comparisons used for caching common values.
Mike Goodwin:
* Suggested [JACKSON-9]: Add support for (non-standard) Json comments.
Ray Racine:
* Pointed out [JACKSON-25]: Problems with Maven pom for lgpl version
* Reported [JACKSON-619] SmileParser.getCurrentLocation(), getTokenLocation()
not reporting actual byte offsets.
Scott Dixon:
* Contributed unit test (TestComplexJavaType) for verifying functioning
of object serialization
* Suggested [JACKSON-38] Allow serializing/deserializing DOM trees (Node, Document)
* Suggested [JACKSON-45]: Add convenience methods to simplify writing
custom serializers
Justin Friedl:
* Requested [JACKSON-52]: ability to disable getter method auto-detection
* Reported [JACKSON-53] (and suggested way to fix it): problem serializing
iBatis bean classes generated (or wrapped) by CGLib. Probably would also
have caused problems with Hibernate and other frameworks.
* Requested [JACKSON-61]: Allow suppressing writing of bean properties
with null values
* Reported [JACKSON-62]: NPE with JsonMappingException
Scott Anderson:
* Suggested [JACKSON-48]: Integrate ObjectMapper with JsonGenerator,
JsonParser; add MappingJsonFactory.
* Requested [JACKSON-84]: Add JsonGenerator.writeRawValue method(s).
* Requested [JACKSON-106]: Add '' which can
be registered with JsonFactory, JsonGenerator, to add fully customized character
escaping handling
Kevin Grained:
* Reported [JACKSON-58] (and suggested a fix): NPE with String[]
Eldar Abusalimov:
* Reported [JACKSON-81]: Data binding code could lead to unnecessary
blocking because it tried to advance parser (and stream) after binding
* Reported [JACKSON-99]: IOExceptions should not be wrapped during object
Stephen Duncan jr:
* Pointed out problem with JacksonJsonProvider where strict equality
comparison was used instead of using MediaType.isCompatible().
Ray Tsang:
* Reported [JACKSON-103] (problem with Groovy class serialization),
submitted fix
Oleksandr Alesinskyy:
* Reported [JACKSON-104], problems with packaging, build.
Christoph Strebin:
* Requested [JACKSON-102], ability to force escaping of non-ASCII characters
* Requested [JACKSON-105], proposed a way to implement it:
Allow suppressing output of "default values"; which
means value of a property when bean is constructed using the default
no-arg constructor
* Reported [JACKSON-568] Package 'org.codehaus.jackson.util' missing from
core/lgpl jar
* Suggested [JACKSON-531] Comparing actual and default value (for
JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_DEFAULT) should check array contents
Peter Harris:
* Reported [JACKSON-139], provided patch for fixing it: Non-numeric
double values (NaN, Infinity) are serialized as invalid JSON tokens
(reported by Peter H)
Dan Simpson:
* Reported [JACKSON-144]: Static "getter-like" methods mistaken for
getters (for serialization)
Gregory Gerard:
* Reportd [JACKSON-143]: NPE on ArrayNode.equals() when comparing empty
array node to non-empty array node
Dain Sundstrom:
* Suggested addition of "-use" for javadoc generation
* Suggested [JACKSON-136] JsonParser and JsonGenerator should implement (since they already have close() method)
* Suggested [JACKSON-706] Joda support: add support for "org.joda.time.Period"
Gabe Schnaubelt:
* Reported [JACKSON-155]: Failed to serialize (with infinite
Benjamin Darfler:
* Suggested [JACKSON-164]: Improve null-handling in JsonGenerator.writeStringField()
* Suggested [JACKSON-165]: Add JsonParser.getBooleanValue() convenience method
Troy Waldrep:
* Reported [JACKSON-162]: OSGi packaging problems for xc package.
Randy Layma:
* Reported [JACKSON-171]: Self-referential types cause infinite recursion
when using only JAXB annotation introspector
Shay Banon:
* Suggested [JACKSON-168] Make JsonLocation serializable (and deserializable)
* Reported [JACKSON-376] writing binary data as object field value with Smile fails
* Reported [JACKSON-424] ArrayIndexOutOfBounds with SmileGenerator, long Unicode
* Reported [JACKSON-525]: Problem with SmileGenerator, recycling of shared-names
* Reported [JACKSON-552] SmileParser not handling long field names properly,
failed with "this code path should never get executed" exception
Brian McCallister:
* Suggested [JACKSON-173]: Add "JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_SINGLE_QUOTES"
to handle commonly encountered invalid JSON content
* Reported [JACKSON-179] Single-long-arg factory Creators were not working
Ted Bergeron:
* Reported [JACKSON-177].
Jeff Yu:
* Suggested [JACKSON-180]: Add 'JsonParser.Feature.INTERN_FIELD_NAMES' to
allow disabling field name intern()ing.
Doug Daniels:
* Suggested [JACKSON-176]: Add a work-around for Javascript's problems
with big 64-bit longs (due to always representing numbers as 64-bit
doubles internally, thus truncating some long values)
Nick Padgett:
* Reported [JACKSON-183]: Root-level 'JsonDeserialize' annotation
not handled completely; 'as' setting was not taking effect
Nathan Ching:
* Reported [JACKSON-190]: Problem deserializing some nested generics
Martin Lauer:
* Reported [JACKSON-194] ObjectMapper class loading issues on Android
Edward Thorne:
* Reported [JACKSON-197]: 2 debug message print out to System.err
Steve Lopez:
* Reported [JACKSON-200]: java.sql.Date deserialization not working well
* Reported [JACKSON-203]: Date deserializers should map empty String to null
Mike Pilone:
* Suggested [JACKSON-201]: Allow serialization of "empty beans" (classes
without getters), if SerializationConfig.Feature.FAIL_ON_EMPTY_BEANS is
disabled; or if class has recognized Jackson annotation
* Reported [JACKSON-202]: Non-public fields not deserialized properly
with JAXB annotations
Stephen Friedrich:
* Reported additional issues with [JACKSON-203]
Jeff Schnitzer:
* Reported [JACKSON-188]: problems running Jackson 1.3 on GAE, due
to dependency to JAXB API classes
Elliot Shepherd:
* Reported [JACKSON-214], suggested fix: Enum types with subclasses
fail to serialize
Gil Markham:
* Reported [JACKSON-196], suggested fix: Schema generation does not
respect the annotation configured serializer on a bean property
Mark Stevens:
* Requested [JACKSON-208] Allow unquoted control characters (esp. tabs)
in JSON Strings and field names
Mike Rheinheimer:
* Reported [JACKSON-216] Jackson JAXB annotation handler does not use
@XmlElement.type property for figuring out actual type
Chris Carrier:
* Suggested [JACKSON-236]: Allow deserialization of timestamps-as-Strings
(not just timestamps as JSON integer numbers).
Andrei Voden:
* Suggested [JACKSON-232]: Add 'SerializationConfig.Feature.DEFAULT_VIEW_INCLUSION'
to disable inclusion of non-annotated properties with explicit views
Lars Clausen:
* For 1.5.0:
- [JACKSON-246]: JAXB property name determination not working correctly.
- [JACKSON-250]: Type name not always detected
- Concurrency bug in pre-1.5.0 version of @JsonSubTypes handling
Pierre-Yves Ricay:
* Requested [JACKSON-244]: allow private fields processing without having to annotate them
John Lister:
* Reported [JACKSON-256]: incorrect combining of serialization inclusion
values; suggested better way to do it
Gennadiy Shafranovich:
* Reported [JACKSON-263]: BooleanNode.asToken() incorrectly returns 'true'
token for all nodes (not just 'false' ones)
[1.4.4, 1.5.0]
Fabrice Delhoste:
* Suggested [JACKSON-254] Add 'SerializationConfig.Feature.WRITE_EMPTY_JSON_ARRAYS',
which can be used to suppress serialization of empty JSON arrays (unless
overridden by per-property annotations).
* Reported [JACKSON-265]: problems with generic type handling for
Raymond Feng:
* Reported [JACKSON-269]: missing OSGi export by mapper (o.c.j.m.jsontype.impl)
needed by jackson-xc module
Martin Tomko:
* Reported [JACKSON-266] Deserialization from JsonNode fails
[1.4.4, 1.5.2]
Lukasz Dywicki:
* Reported [JACKSON-273] Problems with OSGi dependency declarations
Aron Atkins:
* Reported [JACKSON-281] JsonGenerator.writeObject() only supports subset of
wrapper types (when not specifying ObjectCodec)
Eric Sirianni:
* Reported [JACKSON-311]: Problems handling polymorphic type information for
'untyped' (Object) bean properties, default typing
Geoffrey Arnold:
* Reported [JACKSON-318]: Missing deserialization support for
Christopher Currie:
* Reported [JACKSON-319], pointed out solution: issues trying to deserialize
polymorphic instances with no data (just type info)
(requested by Chris C)
* Suggested [JACKSON-638] TypeFactory methods for constructing "raw" map or collection types
* Requested [JACKSON-639] Change BasicClassIntrospector.forClassAnnotations
to take JavaType (not raw Class)
* Requested [JACKSON-665] Add AnnotatedWithParams.getIndex()
Steve Crane:
* Suggested [JACKSON-324], calling releaseBuffers() within finally block
Yuanchen Zhu:
* Reported [JACKSON-327], submitted patch: CustomSerializerFactory incorrectly
looks up serializer for interfaces
* Reported [JACKSON-329], type information was not properly serialized for
Iterator or Iterable serializers
* Reported [JACKSON-340] Meta annotations missing for @JsonTypeResolver
Henry Lai:
* Reported [JACKSON-352] Polymorphic deserialization for Object always
assumes array-wrapper style
Adam Sussman:
* Reported [JACKSON-355] Handling of BigInteger with JsonNode not correct
Lubomir Konstantinov:
* Reported [JACKSON-363] CustomDeserializerFactory did not work for custom
array deserializers.
* Reported [JACKSON-373] Interface inheritance not traversed when looking up
custom serializers
Dimitry Lisay:
* Reported [JACKSON-370] TreeTraversingParser.skipChildren() was not
correctly skipping children
Kirill Stokoz:
* Reported [JACKSON-377] ThrowableDeserializer was not properly using information from
@JsonCreator or @JsonAnySetter
* Reported [JACKSON-383] @JsonAnySetter gets called for ignorable properties if
FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES set to false (related to [JACKSON-313])
* Reported [JACKSON-456], provided unit tests: Type check issues with Jackson JAX-RS provider
* Reported [JACKSON-504]: FilterProvider registration directly via
SerializationConfig was not working
* Reported [506]: problems with type handling for java.util.Date
when using @JsonTypeInfo on field/method
* Reported [JACKSON-518]: Problems with JAX-RS, type variables
Brian Oberman:
* Requested [JACKSON-289] Ability to serialize char[] values as JSON Arrays
with String values of length 1 (and accepting these on deserialization)
Paul R Brown:
* Requested [JACKSON-193] Ability to use @JsonCreator and @JsonValue with
enum types
Ketan G:
to allow non-standard character escapes like \'.
Rob Ottway:
* Requested [JACKSON-301] Allow JsonMappingException to return name of "bad"
(unrecognized) field
Thomas Dudziak:
* Reported [JACKSON-328] Incorrect precedence between property fields, "getter-as-setter"
fallbacks (former should have higher precedence)
* Suggested [JACKSON-420] Add 'DeserializationConfig.Feature.FAIL_ON_NULL_FOR_PRIMITIVES'
to optionally prevent JSON null from mapping to default value
Ant Elder:
* Suggested [JACKSON-295] Create "jackson-all" jar for more convenient
David Melia:
* Reported [JACKSON-303] JAXB annotation @XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.NONE) seems
to not work correctly during deserialisation process
Valentin Brasov:
* Reported [JACKSON-268] Property ordering for JAXB did not work with "raw" property
names (but just with renamed names like with Jackson annotations)
Igor Kolomets:
* Suggested [JACKSON-308] Configurable date formatting support for XMLGregorianCalendar,
XMLGregorianCalendar now uses same Date/Calendar serialization as other date types.
Shilpa Panaganti:
* Suggested [JACKSON-360] Convert "" to null for Joda date/time types
Larry Yogman:
* Reported [JACKSON-371] Provide path of type error in ObjectMapper.convertValue()
* Reported [JACKSON-458]: Problems with ObjectMapper.convertValue(), TokenBuffer, SerializedString
Bruce Ritchie:
* Reported [JACKSON-384] @JsonAnyGetter values were duplicated if method name was valid
as a regular getter name
Patrick Ryan:
* Reported [JACKSON-366] Type metadata not written for empty beans
* Reported [JACKSON-428] Type information, Map key deserializer definitions don't
work together
Manuel Alejandro de Brito Fontes:
* Reported [JACKSON-403]: XMLGregorianCalendar could not be deserialized from timestamp
* Reported [JACKSON-404]: Problem with XmlAdapter, generic types, deserialization
Kent Rancourt:
* Reported [JACKSON-288]: Problems with JAXB annotation handling for combination of
@XmlJavaTypeAdapter, @XmlElement
Claudio Rossetto:
* Reported [JACKSON-228], suggested correct solution: XmlJavaTypeAdapter not
properly handled with package-level annotations
Sean Parmelee:
* Reported [JACKSON-415]: XmlElement.type() ignored for Schema generation
* Reported [JACKSON-416]: XmlElement.type() doesn't override type during
* Reported [JACKSON-423]: Incorrect serialization of BigDecimal, BigInteger,
when using TokenBuffer
* Reported [JACKSON-436]: @XmlElementType not working correctly with Collection
type properties
* Reported [JACKSON-450] JAXB annotations chosen incorrectly from interface method
(instead of method definition in class), when serializing
* Reported [JACKSON-472] Custom bean deserializers are not cached when using
JAXB annotation introspector
* Reported [JACKSON-476] ContextualDeserializer handling not completely working
Joe Jensen:
* Reported [JACKSON-417] Deserialization of "native" types (String, Integer,
Boolean) failed with abstract types
Peter Litvak:
* Reported [JACKSON-387]: Deserialization fails for certain objects serialized
with enableDefaultTyping
* Suggested [JACKSON-432]: Add 'ObjectMapper.enableDefaultTypingAsProperty()' to allow
specifying inclusion type 'As.PROPERTY' and property name to use
Hannu Leinonen:
* Reported [JACKSON-431] Deserialization fails with JSON array with beans
with @JsonCreator, unmapped properties before and after creator properties
Tim Williamson:
* Reported [JACKSON-461] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when property is subclass of
Map with fewer type parameters
* Reported [JACKSON-465] Deserialization with @JsonCreator that takes in
a Map fails
* Reported [JACKSON-470] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if @JsonCreator
constructor has @JsonParameter parameters with same name
* Suggested [JACKSON-548]: enabling ALLOW_SINGLE_QUOTES should allow backslash-escaping
Christian Naeger:
* [JACKSON-468] Method-bound type variables (public <T> T getValue()) not handled
Steven Schlansker:
* Reported [JACKSON-473] JsonMapping$Reference not Serializable
* Reported [JACKSON-543] Root-level static type information incorrectly handled
with Maps (losing parameterization)
* Reported [JACKSON-572] Problems serializing generic non-static inner classes
* Suggested [JACKSON-726] Add java.util.UUID key deserializer
Elliot Barlas:
* Reported [JACKSON-491]: Bug in NumberInput.inLongRange, causing false overflows
Gili (cowwoc):
* Reported [JACKSON-495] NPE at JaxbAnnotationIntrospector, with @JsonCreator
Jax Law:
* Reported [JACKSON-499] Problems serializing HashMap.keySet(), values()
Ga�l Marziou:
* Contributed [JACKSON-351]: Add @JsonRawValue that allows injecting literal textual
value into JSON
Patrick Leamon:
* Suggested [JACKSON-412] Add 'DeserializationConfig.Feature.FAIL_ON_NUMBERS_FOR_ENUMS'
to optionally prevent mapping JSON integers into Java Enum values
Tauren Mills:
* Suggested [JACKSON-414] Add 'JsonNode.getValueAsBoolean()' (and 'JsonParser.getValueAsBoolean()')
Chris Winters:
* Reported [JACKSON-457] Misspelled method in Module ("getSeserializationConfig")
* Suggested [JACKSON-459]: Add mapper-level configuration to set default serialization
order be alphabetic (by property name).
Coda Hale:
* Reported [JACKSON-462]: Buffer overflow in Utf8Generator#writeFieldName(String)
* [JACKSON-557] CollectionLikeType#equals() casts parameter to CollectionType
David Yu:
* Suggested [JACKSON-474]: Add ability to pass externally allocated buffer for Utf8Generator, SmileGenerator
* Reported [JACKSON-492], contributed unit test: problem encoding 1 byte length "raw" UTF8 Strings
Christopher Berner:
* [JACKSON-508] Type information lost when serializing List<List<X>>
Pascal GŽlinas:
* Suggested [JACKSON-541] with patch: Remove the need for @JsonCreator on
multi-arg constructor iff all parameters have @JsonProperty
* Reported [JACKSON-554] ObjectMapper.readValue(JsonNode) was not properly
passing itself as ObjectCodec, making secondary conversions fail
* Suggested [JACKSON-581] Add 'ObjectMapper.readTree(File)'
* Reported [JACKSON-687] Problems with PropertyNamingStrategy, property merging
* Reported [JACKSON-689] Deserialization of Iterable fails
* Reported [JACKSON-693] @JsonBackReference not used during deserialization
if it's annotated on a getter method.
Maik Jorra:
* Reported [JACKSON-540] Side-effects with ObjectMapper.canSerialize(),
Suchema Oyetey:
* Reported [JACKSON-530] Default SerializationInclusion value not properly
passed when "USE_ANNOTATION" set to false
Michel Goldstein:
* Reported [JACKSON-545] UTF8Writer getting NPE if flush() called after close()
Andrei Pozolotin:
* Reported [JACKSON-550] Registration of serializers was not completely
working with SimpleModule (interfaces implemented by superclasses skipped)
Luis Neves:
* Reported [JACKSON-542] Base64 decoder couldn't handle escaped characters
Xyn Wang:
* Reported [JACKSON-553] SerializationConfig.Feature.DEFAULT_VIEW_INCLUSION
did not work correctly
Alex Porras:
* Reported [JACKSON-556] property ignored in some cases
Gregor Ottman:
* Reported [JACKSON-569] ContextualSerializer not resolved for serializers
defined with @JsonSerialize annotation
Bryce McKinlay:
* Suggested [JACKSON-358]: Allow parsing numbers with leading zeroes
Sven Jacobs:
* Suggested [JACKSON-527]: Add 'HandlerInstantiator' abstraction, which can be implemented
and registered with ObjectMapper to get more control over how handlers (serializers,
deserializers, type id resolver) are constructed.
Ruben Errejon Garcia:
* Reported [JACKSON-560] Mix-in annotations ignored when used with views
Young Jin Park:
* Failure to serialize certain Unicode Strings
Oleg Estekhin:
* Reported [JACKSON-563] JSON Schema uses "required" (not "optional")
Jamie Reilly:
* Reported [JACKSON-570] Caching of MapSerializer not thread-safe
Pierre-Alexandre Meyer:
* Reported [JACKSON-586]: Problems with @JsonValue, method visibility
Chris Pruett:
* Reported [JACKSON-587] TextNode.getValueAsLong() failing with values
beyond int range.
Tom Leccese:
* reported [JACKSON-591] JodaDeserializers not throwing wrongTokenException
Lawrence Chang:
* Reported [JACKSON-627] WriterBasedGenerator failure for long Strings,
custom character escaping, unit test, suggested fix.
* Reported [JACKSON-629] Fix a buffer boundary problem with SmileParser,
5-7 character names
Tim Bond:
* Reported [JACKSON-631] Problems decoding Base64Variants.MODIFIED_FOR_URL
Edward Alexandrov:
* Reported [JACKSON-632] Handling of UTF-8 BOM incorrect, causing
"Internal Error"
Paul Marynchev:
* Reported [JACKSON-637] NumberSerializer was missing proper handling of
Integer, Long
Ransom Briggs:
* Reported [JACKSON-668] Problems with 'JsonParser.getDecimalValue'
not clearing earlier state
William Burns:
* Reported [JACKSON-677], suggested fix for: Inner generic type references
not working properly
Tom Boettcher:
* Reported [JACKSON-709] Problems converting base64-encoded Strings
between JsonNode, POJOs
Ryan Kennedy:
* Reported [JACKSON-462] (REGRESSION?) Buffer overflow in
Jacques-Olivier Goussard:
* Reported [JACKSON-733] Smile-based mapper could not properly bind
byte[] values
Alex Temnokhod:
* Reported [JACKSON-738] Parsing fails for Unicode 1Fxxx symbols when
Lloyd Smith:
* Reported [JACKSON-701] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to serialize
non-static inner classes with annotations on last ctor param
Erik Gorset:
* Reported [JACKSON-763] State of base64/byte[] decoding not reset when
using 'convertValue()' for list of byte[] values.
Matt Schemmel:
* Reported [JACKSON-820] WriterBasedGenerator with CharacterEscapes produces
unescaped output for strings > 2k in length
"Programmer Bruce":
* Suggested these for 1.8.x:
- [JACKSON-597] Make ClassDeserializer support primitive types [1.8.3]
* Suggested these for 1.9.0:
- [JACKSON-593] Add ObjectMapper.readTree(byte[]), (URL) variants
- [JACKSON-594] Allow deserializing non-static inner class valued properties
- [JACKSON-595] Terse Visibility Config (ObjectMapper.setVisibility, related)
- [JACKSON-598] Add set of standard naming-strategy implementations
- [JACKSON-599] Expose Settability Of SimpleModule Serializers/Deserializers
- [JACKSON-605] Handle deserialization of typed Class properties correctly
- [JACKSON-612] Add 'readValues()' methods to JsonParser, ObjectCodec
- [JACKSON-613] Add ArrayNode/ObjectNode methods for dealing with wrappers/unboxing/nulls
- [JACKSON-616] Better handling of primitive deserializers, to avoid NPEs
- [JACKSON-621] Add new fluent method, VisibilityChecker.with(Visibility)
Anand Hatrwalne:
* Requested [JACKSON-558] Add 'DeserializationConfig.Feature.UNWRAP_ROOT_VALUE' as
matching counterpart for 'SerializationConfig.Feature.WRAP_ROOT_VALUE'
Earl Baugh:
* Suggested [JACKSON-584] Serialize type info for non-static anonymous inner classes
as that of declared (static) type
Matt Goldspink:
* Suggested [JACKSON-578] Allow use of @JsonView on JAX-RS resource, with JacksonJsonProvider
Ed Anuff:
* Suggested [JACKSON-602] Add 'JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_EMPTY' option
Lukasz Strzelecki:
* Requested [JACKSON-630] Add @JsonRootName annotation for specifying name of root-level wrapper
Simone Bordet:
* Requested [JACKSON-652] Add 'DeserializationConfig.Feature.USE_JAVA_ARRAY_FOR_JSON_ARRAY' to
allow mapping JSON Array to Object[]
David Phillips:
* Requested [JACKSON-671] Add convenience constructor for 'MinimalPrettyPrinter'
Kirill Sukhanov:
* Suggested [JACKSON-650] Allow dealing with missing filter ids, by adding
'SimpleFilterProvider.setFailOnUnknownId()' to specify if exception is thrown or not.
Ben Hale:
* Reported [JACKSON-700] Type problems with properties that have different
types for constructor property, setter and/or field
Andreas Knoepfle, Tobias Schmid:
* Contributed implementation for [JACKSON-657], key deserializers for
java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar types
Steve Loeppky:
* Reported [JACKSON-746] Problems with JsonTypeInfo.Id.NONE, default typing
Sebastian Thelen:
* Reported [JACKSON-753] JsonParserDelegate missing delegation of getBooleanValue(),
Stephan Bailliez:
* Reported [JACKSON-757] Problems with Enum values, annotations on constructors
Mika Mannermaa:
* Reported [JACKSON-756] Problems with enums, @JsonCreator, when used as keys
of EnumMap, regular Map, or contents of EnumSet
Nathaniel Bauernfeind:
* Reported [JACKSON-774]: PropertyBasedCreator not using JsonDeserializer.getNullValue()
Ittai Zeidman:
* Reported [JACKSON-775]: MissingNode.asText() should return "", not null
Alexander Klauer:
* Reported [JACKSON-779]: Problems with multi-byte UTF-8 chars in JSON comments
Vladimir Petrukhin:
* Reported [JACKSON-778], provided test case: Incorrect detection of generic
types with TypeReference
Christopher Brown:
* Reported [JACKSON-796]: Problems with byte[] conversion to/from JsonNode.
Harold Marger:
* Reported [JACKSON-806]: REQUIRE_SETTERS_FOR_GETTERS ignores explicitly annotated getters
Adam Vandenberg:
* Reported [JACKSON-823] MissingNode does not return default value for
'asXxx()' methods
James Roper:
* Reported [JACKSON-829] Custom serializers not working for List<String>
properties, @JsonSerialize(contentUsing)
Jan Jan:
* Reported [JACKSON-832] (partial) Fix numeric range check for Longs (was not working)
Stuart Dootson:
* Reported [Issue-13] Runtime error passing multiple injected values to a constructor