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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
/* _dowildcard is an int that controls the globbing of the command line.
* If _dowildcard is non-zero, the command line will be globbed: *.*
* will be expanded to be all files in the startup directory.
* In the mingw-w64 library the _dowildcard variable is defined as being
* 0, therefore command line globbing is DISABLED by default. To turn it
* on and to leave wildcard command line processing MS's globbing code,
* include a line in one of your source modules defining _dowildcard and
* setting it to -1, like so:
* int _dowildcard = -1;
* Alternatively, the mingw-w64 library can be configured using the
* --enable-wildcard option and compiled thusly upon which the resulting
* library will have _dowildcard as -1 and command line globbing will be
* enabled by default.
#include "config.h"
#define __ENABLE_GLOBBING 0 /* -1 */
int _dowildcard = __ENABLE_GLOBBING;