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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#ifndef _INC_STRING_S
#define _INC_STRING_S
#include <string.h>
#if defined(__LIBMSVCRT__)
/* When building mingw-w64, this should be blank. */
#define _SECIMP
#ifndef _SECIMP
#define _SECIMP __declspec(dllimport)
#endif /* _SECIMP */
#endif /* defined(_CRTBLD) || defined(__LIBMSVCRT__) */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strset_s(char *_Dst,size_t _DstSize,int _Value);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strerror_s(char *_Buf,size_t _SizeInBytes,const char *_ErrMsg);
_SECIMP errno_t __cdecl strerror_s(char *_Buf,size_t _SizeInBytes,int _ErrNum);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strlwr_s(char *_Str,size_t _Size);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strlwr_s_l(char *_Str,size_t _Size,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strnset_s(char *_Str,size_t _Size,int _Val,size_t _MaxCount);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strupr_s(char *_Str,size_t _Size);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strupr_s_l(char *_Str,size_t _Size,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl strncat_s(char *_Dst,size_t _DstSizeInChars,const char *_Src,size_t _MaxCount);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strncat_s_l(char *_Dst,size_t _DstSizeInChars,const char *_Src,size_t _MaxCount,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl strcpy_s(char *_Dst, rsize_t _SizeInBytes, const char *_Src);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, strcpy_s, char, _Dest, const char *, _Source)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl strncpy_s(char *_Dst, size_t _DstSizeInChars, const char *_Src, size_t _MaxCount);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_2(errno_t, strncpy_s, char, _Dest, const char *, _Source, size_t, _MaxCount)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _strncpy_s_l(char *_Dst, size_t _DstSizeInChars, const char *_Src, size_t _MaxCount, _locale_t _Locale);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_3(errno_t, _strncpy_s_l, char, _Dest, const char *, _Source, size_t, _MaxCount, _locale_t, _Locale);
_CRTIMP char *__cdecl strtok_s(char *_Str,const char *_Delim,char **_Context);
_CRTIMP char *__cdecl _strtok_s_l(char *_Str,const char *_Delim,char **_Context,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl strcat_s(char *_Dst, rsize_t _SizeInBytes, const char * _Src);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, strcat_s, char, _Dest, const char *, _Source)
_SECIMP errno_t __cdecl memmove_s(void *_dest,size_t _numberOfElements,const void *_src,size_t _count);
_CRTIMP wchar_t *__cdecl wcstok_s(wchar_t *_Str,const wchar_t *_Delim,wchar_t **_Context);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcserror_s(wchar_t *_Buf,size_t _SizeInWords,int _ErrNum);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl __wcserror_s(wchar_t *_Buffer,size_t _SizeInWords,const wchar_t *_ErrMsg);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsnset_s(wchar_t *_Dst,size_t _DstSizeInWords,wchar_t _Val,size_t _MaxCount);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsset_s(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _SizeInWords,wchar_t _Val);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcslwr_s(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _SizeInWords);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_0(errno_t, _wcslwr_s, wchar_t, _Str)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcslwr_s_l(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _SizeInWords,_locale_t _Locale);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, _wcslwr_s_l, wchar_t, _Str, _locale_t, _Locale)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsupr_s(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _Size);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_0(errno_t, _wcsupr_s, wchar_t, _Str)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsupr_s_l(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _Size,_locale_t _Locale);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, _wcsupr_s_l, wchar_t, _Str, _locale_t, _Locale)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl wcscpy_s(wchar_t *_Dst, rsize_t _SizeInWords, const wchar_t *_Src);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, wcscpy_s, wchar_t, _Dest, const wchar_t *, _Source)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl wcscat_s(wchar_t * _Dst, rsize_t _SizeInWords, const wchar_t *_Src);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_1(errno_t, wcscat_s, wchar_t, _Dest, const wchar_t *, _Source)
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl wcsncat_s(wchar_t *_Dst,size_t _DstSizeInChars,const wchar_t *_Src,size_t _MaxCount);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsncat_s_l(wchar_t *_Dst,size_t _DstSizeInChars,const wchar_t *_Src,size_t _MaxCount,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl wcsncpy_s(wchar_t *_Dst, size_t _DstSizeInChars, const wchar_t *_Src, size_t _MaxCount);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_2(errno_t, wcsncpy_s, wchar_t, _Dest, const wchar_t *, _Source, size_t, _MaxCount);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsncpy_s_l(wchar_t *_Dst, size_t _DstSizeInChars, const wchar_t *_Src, size_t _MaxCount, _locale_t _Locale);
__DEFINE_CPP_OVERLOAD_SECURE_FUNC_0_3(errno_t, _wcsncpy_s_l, wchar_t, _Dest, const wchar_t *, _Source, size_t, _MaxCount, _locale_t, _Locale);
_CRTIMP wchar_t *__cdecl _wcstok_s_l(wchar_t *_Str,const wchar_t *_Delim,wchar_t **_Context,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsset_s_l(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _SizeInChars,unsigned int _Val,_locale_t _Locale);
_CRTIMP errno_t __cdecl _wcsnset_s_l(wchar_t *_Str,size_t _SizeInChars,unsigned int _Val, size_t _Count,_locale_t _Locale);
__forceinline size_t __cdecl wcsnlen_s(const wchar_t * _src, size_t _count) {
return _src ? wcsnlen(_src, _count) : 0;
#ifdef __cplusplus