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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#ifndef _INC_EVR9
#define _INC_EVR9
#if (_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0600)
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef enum _evr9_tag_MFVideoAlphaBitmapFlags {
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_EntireDDS = 0x00000001,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_SrcColorKey = 0x00000002,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_SrcRect = 0x00000004,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_DestRect = 0x00000008,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_FilterMode = 0x00000010,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_Alpha = 0x00000020,
MFVideoAlphaBitmap_BitMask = 0x0000003f
} MFVideoAlphaBitmapFlags;
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /*(_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0600)*/
#endif /*_INC_EVR9*/